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Northern Lehigh School District Reviews

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I enjoyed most of my school experience. Many of the problems that I had (such as outdated science rooms) has been updated and improved, as well as technological advances. Recently I found out that next year, students will be receiving school laptops which is great.
Overall, it’s a decent school district that is fixing many of the problems.
I would change the atmosphere of the students- the teachers were very good. Many students were very down on the idea of education itself, which is usual for high school students, but that's what I did not like.
Northern Lehigh has some really detracted teachers who are willing and able to help their students succeed in life and in academics.
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Okay, to put this blunt, I have never done/attended something that has made me have a breakdown everyday quite as much as this school has caused me. This school overall isn't that bad. I mean the lunches are absolutely atrocious, but this school just sucks the life, creativity, motivation, and soul from your body. I wish I could say I was being dramatic. This school has nothing else to offer, so they push academics to the absolute max. The only important thing to them is the tests. They don't care about the students. It's only the tests, the grades, and the scores. On top of that, the teacher doesn't even teach half the time, and they just pile homework on top of homework and test on test. You'll never get a break. Waking up to go to this school just makes me want to cry. I also don't know how the school got an 80 on diversity. There's about 10 black, Hispanic, and Asian kids in total.
Small school so you will not be lost in the crowd. However, overall it was a good experience. I am confident that when I graduate I have made many friends. Some of these friends will for sure be life long. No matter what, over the years we have grown together and become a family because of how small and close we are.
Northern Lehigh is a very safe district. It is very small, which allows for a close knit community. The resources and athletics are limited due to the size of the district, however, it allows for the opportunity to be involved in as many things as you'd like. Rarely is anyone cut or turned down from participating in something. Everyone knows everyone! I believe this is a great district to raise your children in.
I absolutely loved attending Northern Lehigh School District. My experience with the faculty, other students, and the facility were more than I expected. The school is smaller and less diverse. I enjoyed the part of it being smaller because the faculty had the opportunity to work with each student individually towards their involvement and goals in this high school experience and beyond. The only thing that I disliked was the amount of diversity and the lack of funding for sports as well as other activities, groups, and clubs. I played 2 sports (basketball and Baseball) and although I loved my coaches, my team, and our spirit it was a little embarrassing that other schools that we competed against had funds to provide their team with some perks and extras. We had to raise money for things, but still never received those types of perks. Besides that the academics and classes that were offered were beyond my expectations. I learned so much.
I have been in this school district my entire life. I started as a kindergartener and will be graduating a few months from now. I feel ready and prepared for what is ahead thanks to this school. The teachers and coaches are extremely nice, supportive, and caring. The administrative staff really works hard to get students involved and to be cooperative. Bullying is obsolete, the students are all kind. We have even had two student deaths in my time here at the school and it really brings everyone together. It is amazing to see the impact that schools, teachers, guidance counselors, and other students leave onto one another.
Northern Lehigh is a hard-working, close knit community with a valuable set of morals. They have wildly successful students result from not only teachers but an entire staff of caring people.
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