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I really like how the teachers are understanding and try to help you if you are struggling with a subject. The teachers treat you like family and not like students. They always make sure that you have the items you need for school too.
Overall it was a great district to be apart of. The staff is nice and willing to work with the students. Although, there is very little diversity and it seems that not all students are heard.
Waste of my time going there. Teachers knew less than I did. I was bored out of my mind. Did they care? No I had to take the classes they determined I needed for college. The treatment I received there turned me off of any higher learning. Thank goodness for the military
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I wish teachers there cared more about the kids, and their education. I had a teacher who told me I would never be able to go to college. When I asked for help they ignored me, and did not care if I passed or failed their classes.
A good amount of teachers really care while some a horrible to the kids. Improvements definitely should be made to this school and the entire public education system. But, with good guidance, this school is just as good as any other.
Most of the teachers are very understanding and helpful. They have lots of school spirit and most of the teachers are not only passionate about their subjects but they are also very passionate about the students as well. Most of the teachers consider the student body kinda like their own kids. And the coaches? They are just as if not more enthusiastic than the teachers and love the kids just as much if not more.
Northern Lebanon School district is a very good school, its like medium size which I like very much. The school is not to big and not too small so almost everyone knows everyone. Their sports programs are also very good, most sports go to at least districts every year.
The musicals we did the past few years and the marching band. I would really like to see more elective opportunities.
At Northern Lebanon, the teachers really invest in the students. They not only care about the grades the students get, but they are interested in their life and overall well-being. However, I believe that Northern Lebanon could do a better job of stopping bullying by having stricter rules. Although bullying that occurs in Northern Lebanon is not any worse than any other school, I think that stricter rules could help with the overall atmosphere of the school.
Northern Lebanon High School is a very small school filled with a lot of enthusiastic and entertaining people. The students and teachers are full of wisdom and are very helpful.
Overall my experience was good. The teachers are nice and will usually help you when needed. There is also a range of classes you can take depending on your interests.
Majority of the electives offered were agriculturally natured. As a student that was not interested in pursing farming or veterinary science, I was greatly disadvantaged. There were too few options of electives to expand our horizons. They also did not do an appropriate job of preparing us for college through academics, strictness of teaching, nor by advising us what to expect after high school.
Northern Lebanon School District is a great school to attend especially if you're in the Lebanon Area
What I like about my school is that it’s starting to have classes available to everyone to take. In order for them to be good at what they are trying to do for their career, but at the same time I don’t like how the teachers teach us and don’t try to help us learn.
I like the teachers and how they try to get you to like learning. I would like them to allow use to choose if we want more than one study hall or not.
The teachers at Northern Lebanon are great with the students but the staff here does NOT take bullying seriously. They also do not take the students opinions into consideration most of the time when making classroom decisions.
I like their athletic program but the administration is awful and they don’t know what they are doing
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The building is outdated and needs to be upgraded. The cafeteria food tastes very poor, except for the wrap station. The administration has been on a streak of making poor decisions and it does not seem to be getting any better in the future. Overall I would not recommend this school unless they make some major changes.
I greatly enjoyed the agricultural courses. The expanded shop courses offered were a benefit also. The gifted program was not well organized or too beneficial. The courses did not prepare me for college, which was disappointing.
It was the people that made my high school experience. The school district is small, a blessing and a curse. Because of the size, I could participate in many different leadership positions, and be a member of various musical groups. But also because of the size, everyone knew everything about everyone else and gossip spread quickly.
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