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Northern Cass School District No. 97 Reviews

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Northern Cass is one of the best schools I have been too. Everyone is like family. Everyone is Always there for you no matter what. And they also are taking a new turn of education with personalized learning to help kids learn and tailor their learning to their own special needs and how they learn best. they also have so many opportunities for students like school to work helping the elementry school teachers, volunteer hours in the community and internships. And they also give us an oppurtunity to speak our mind and take college classes for arizona state university!
The smaller schools has given my children more options and smaller class sizes. Made us feel more like a family than a school
Northern Cass is a very progressive school with all of their priorities being the students education. I have attended this school since I was in kindergarten and each year they continue to grow and improve. The administration here is wonderful and very easy to talk to. Once again, their priority is the students and their future. Every year they attempt to change and grow after hearing the thoughts of the children. I will forever be grateful I got to attend Northern Cass.
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Amazing school with a fantastic education system! Warm positive vibe from the minute you walk in the doors.
Northern Cass is a friendly school. You know all of your classmates and you can connect with all of your teachers. It's moving toward personalized learning and you can take college courses. Northern Cass pays for your college credits.
When I went to Northern Cass, I had a class size of 42 students. There were a lot of cliques and my class treated each other poorly. My younger brother, who was just enrolled last year didn't mind the school. Northern Cass now has a "no grading system" policy in place for the next five years. Kids are encouraged to go at their own pace, but my younger brother didn't have the motivation to do any schoolwork because there was no deadline or punishment for not doing it.
To me I find this school very helpful. Most of the teachers make sure you understand what's going on
Most teachers are fun to be around, there’s a few who are sticks in the mud and a pain to be around. Mostly friendly place but very confusing with the constant changes to the schedule specially this upcoming year when every things going to hit the hay and confuse absolutely everyone.
It's a small school, so you get to know your classmates and teachers really well. The staff really care about their students. The one downfall to the school is there is not all the extra-curricular activities that a lot of the bigger schools have. It has the basics.
I wish they wouldn't go and let teachers and staff store their stuff in our agriculture classroom, just because we don't have an ag teacher at the moment doesn't mean that they should be allowed to do that. The administration especially the Vice-Principal isn't a decent man either, he assumes things that aren't possibly true. Like for an example calling me an alcohol all because of a little joke, he took to a far new level and makes me loose respect for him. He didn't bother to tell my parents when i got in school suspension when he told he was going to. He lied to me, which makes me more upset. Can we trust a guy like that?
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