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Northern Burlington County Regional School District Reviews

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The school had updated appliances and well supplied classrooms that made learning easier and the overall student body happier. There isn't much I would change about the school except to add air conditioning to all the classrooms that don't have it and maybe more security since there's an open space in between the two high school buildings.
A good but strange school, there is no finals so it does not prepare you well for college, the education system is by far the easiest out of all schools I have attended making it easy to get good grades with out doing much. Great for a quick pass by, but sure if it’s all the good for people with bigger plans, it does not challenge enough. Seniors at max can get a half day, you can never leave campus. There have been a lot of racist issues through the school with students threatening to shoot other students, there is hardly AC in the building but the kids seem to have fun. Prom is overalls expensive compared to most schools.
I've been to eight different schools and Northern has honestly quite an unsatisfying experience. There are some great ap teachers that prepare you well for the test and the lunch is actually pretty good with a salad/sandwich/burrito bar. It's super hot during summer since there's no AC, the hallways are super small and cramped, and the school is split into two buildings so during bad weather its terrible crossing. Administration seems like they're always looking for something to reprimand the students about. There's clear favoritism for the FFA club as well since they have a whole spirit week dedicated to them. Not gonna even mention other stuff but it's overall been a negative experience.
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The school was a pretty diverse one, the only thing they could have had that they currently have now is a military ROTC program for students because it was near the base, like other schools near the base. They always had different types of clubs such as food, science, plant & animal science, math, your sports, and many other categories that were naturally diverse for the students there.
Northern was a great experience overall, but the school itself is old and needs some updating. Teachers were involved and cared without being overbearing, and were good about understanding the needs of different students. My learning disability was not given an IEP, but I was given the extra help I needed nonetheless and never failed a class thanks to my wonderful teachers. However, administration is disconnected and not always caught up with goings-on.
I was a refugee from a Hurricane in the Caribbean and had to move to NJ temporarily. While I was there, I enrolled in this school. They were super understanding, and I was in my classes right away. The other student are great and have a welcoming attitude. Would highly recommend attending.
Pretty cool school overall. The teachers are great and really care about the quality of their students education. There’s lots of school involvement and a great sense of pride.
I enjoyed my time here immensely. I got to have a chance to take AP classes and even join NHS which is something a lot of schools don't offer. I felt like my school had a lot of diversity and I never felt out of place. The teachers were very respectful and well trained. The new teachers that they would bring in ever so often would almost always be fairly decent at their jobs and you wouldn't hear much complaining.
My experience was good for the most part despite my late arrival there because of my fathers military background. I had to get used to new people,teachers, and staff. Coming from a different state (upstate NY) I was not pleased about the move but I adapted as I always have. The people are nice and the teachers care and I would say if you were looking for a good public school to get an education at it'd be northern Burlington. The amount of change in a positive way has been amazing, me personally my grades have increased, my knowledge has been increased, my social life has become slightly more open and I have thought about my college future a lot more thanks to the huge stress the school puts on the idea, they strongly encourage all students to persure great careers in college and to be as successful as possible in their lives.
Northern Burlington is a relatively small school. This is good because you can develop excellent relationships with peers and faculty.
I thought NBC was an excellent school and that they provided me with enough knowledge and opportunities to succeed beyond high school. The staff is incredibly helpful and created lifelong memories that I will not forget.
Average school experience, some good teachers, can improve on diversity, college readiness, modernize facilities, etc. The upcoming renovations should help, but I’ve found there to be somewhat of a lack of academic rigor and a culture focused on school spirit/sports events over education. I would’ve appreciated a stronger focus on preparing students for college and academic success rather than indirectly encouraging kids to not give 100% and keep their hopes low in terms of post-high school plans. With that being said, the school-sponsored events and school culture activities were great. Overall solid experience with some good memories and several very impactful teachers over my four years.
There is a lot of diversity in the school district, which is important. The school offers a lot of different activities and sports programs.
My Northern experience was good. The school provides a safe environment for students to pursue their academic interests, as well as prepare them for college with adequate courses. The facilities are nice, except for the lack of air conditioning in most classrooms. My only complaint is that the two high school buildings are not joined, so students must cross the bus parking lot in order to get to their classes in the opposite building. Overall, I would say that I enjoyed my Northern experience---it is an adequate public school.
Amazing school, offers a lot of programs and sports teams, and a lot of diversity among the students.
Northern offers a wide variety of AP and honors courses that I have loved to take over the years. However, there could be more diversity in the school and there needs to be more discipline, as many of the students do not respect administration. There could be more involvement in school activities to make it more fun, but many people are not interested in joining many clubs anymore.
Northern Burlington was a good school. I went here for all four years and it was fine. I played sports and joined clubs so I think you get what you put in while you're in high school. Overall it isn't a bad school.
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I am a transfer student here at Northern. I learned so many valuable lessons while being at Northern Burlington. My overall experience with Northern was good. There's one specific thing that I feel like should be changed. I feel like they should give midterms and finals because I feel like I am not going to be ready for college. Students are not well prepared for college. When they get to college it would be kind of like a culture shock. That's something they are not used to doing it and it's going to be tough to get used to.
I graduated from Northern Burlington in 2014. I would say my experience was average. The teachers sometimes seem to slack off and let kids pass though they don't try very hard. The lunches were not very good and the athletics are average. The building is quite old and needs to be updated.
I liked the classes that are offered and the choices students have for clubs, sports and band. The atmosphere is great. I would love for air conditioning to be put in and the counselors to guide the students more.
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