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Northern Bedford County School District Reviews

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Northern Bedford High School is a very safe place for all of the students. All of the teachers are friendly and good at their job. The administration is very responsible. While the building could use some renovations, what happens inside the walls is fantastic. All of the students get a good education, along with fun activities, such as sports, clubs, and the arts.
Northern Bedford County School District is in a close knit rural community. Being a small school, there were a lot of things I wish could have been better, which just wasn't possible. Even still, I find it hard to complain about my time there. The teachers are great, and I was involved in as as many extra curricular activities as possible.
The best part about NBC is the relationships that are made there. As a class of only 54, each person held a special place in my heart and walking around the halls seeing familiar faces was calming to a stressful day. The community surrounding my school was also a huge positive. Everyone cares about your well-being. Everyone is a family. My school showed such support for the arts which I am very thankful for. The board allowed us to perform a musical every other year and that was one of the best experiences of my life. Many would say the same. I would like to thank NBC for providing me a happy yet challenging high school career.
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I went to NBC all my life, and I really can't say anything bad about it. I always felt comfortable and got along with all the teachers. With the school being small, I grew up with everyone in my class. All in all, I wouldn't have wanted to go anywhere else.
The school has an excellent community, amazing academics, and great clubs, sports, and activities. The teachers are great at helping their students and preparing them for what they want to do after they graduate. All students are given many opportunities for post-graduation employment and college information.
Northern Bedford is an outstanding, superb school in not only activities but also all other aspects. I am involved in many extra curricular activities at NBC and the coaches, teachers, and administrative are very supportive and helpful to all of the student athletes. Northern Bedford along with encouraging sports also sports school involvement and academics. The teachers are understanding and they all help their students to improve and take initiative for not only school but the future. I feel confident to succeed in life due to the important skills that NBC has granted me with such as responsibility, initiative, and confidence. Overall, Northern Bedford is an excellent school and I would not change a thing.
I have gone to NBC since preschool. It has a great education system. I have learned a lot. There are no cliques. Everyone get along fine.
I graduated from Northern and am honestly so grateful for the education that was provided for me. The only thing that I would change would be that I wish music and theatre was more of a priority there.
At Northern Bedfrod i had a great high school career, i played football untill the 11th grade and decided against it that year, i liked the football program for the most part but the head coach was not my favorite due to his coaching style and the way he presents himself on and off the feild. The prinicpal is very underatnding and willing to hear your voice and thats the same with most teachers also. We are a very good school for the area, more mature, respectful and polite compared to others. overall my experiencd was very good
Northern Bedford County School District is a school in a tight knit community. The teachers are all extremely dedicated to preparing their students for life after graduation. The education, however is subpar. The school is teaching at a lower level than many other public schools and does not offer the variety of classes needed to make students stand out when applying to universities. Lack of funding contributes to this issue, but so does inability to change. The school district's failure to change with the times and strict "this is how it has always been done" mentality is beginning to take a toll on the students and prevent them from reaching their highest potential.
I have so far enjoyed my time at Northern Bedford School District. I have been attending since I could first got to preschool and I have learned a lot since I started my time there.
My school district is over all a great school to go to. They have many opportunities for students to get involved with others and to improve their skills. The environment is friendly and it's a smaller school so students are able to get to know teachers.
It was nice to be able to be a college preparatory student and still be able to enjoy the benefits of a technical school. For example, I was able to earn college credits my senior year through my college prep classes. At the same time i was able to take electives in agriculture and building trades.
Northern Bedford is a very little school. The teachers have very close relationships with their students which is beneficial to teaching the students based on their interests. Due to the fact that it is small, they are not financially blessed. They have enough to get by, but not enough to have "fancy" equipment. The food is pretty decent and most kids enjoy the fact that it is small.
Northern Bedford School District has very good test scores when it comes to standardized tests. They have an amazing band, and everyone is very adamant about sports. People tend to get along very well at this school.
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