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Northeastern York School District Reviews

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Northeastern is a very good school to attend. To be honest, the administration can be frustrating, and there is a lot I would like to change. But, I still feel I have gotten a very good education, made good friends, and met some very good teachers over my time there.
During my time at Northeastern high school, I was most involved in First priority club and the musical. The classes were not very academically challenging but had a lot of busy work. The teachers seemed to really care about the students and their well-being. The guidance councilors were very helpful in class selection and were typically available whenever needed. The students in general were like typical high school students where they are split between those who really cared about their grades and education and those that didn't. There was a nice selection of sports offered and the addition of a football program in the last ten years had promoted more parental involvement and school spirit. The school has taken measures to make the environment safer than in past years by requiring parents to have clearances and to show id upon entrance.
I enjoyed my time at Northeastern High school, I feel they did a very good job of having me prepared for the next level of schooling and life. The courses that were offered helped to prepare me for the classes I will see in college and the teachers were very supportive in helping me when needed. The guidance counselor also helped me decide what I want to do and was supportive and encouraging in the decisions I made. The 4 years of playing varsity softball for the Bobcats also helped me grow as a person, having to be dedicated, working as a team to get where we wanted to be each year. The best thing with being the starting pitcher all 4 years was learning to be leader and working with my teammates. So I am very thankful for everything that I got from the teachers , administration and classmates at Northeastern school district.
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Northeastern has taught to be confident, strong, and determined about furthering my education after high school. The bond I have formed with my teachers over the years has been impeccable, and I am blessed everyday to attend such a wonderful school.
I liked the teachers the most at Northeastern High School. They all helped in preparing us for college and pushing us to the best we could be.
Northeastern is pretty dope. Its a cool school to go to but the teachers are ight sometimes. There is not much diversity with it being a predominantly white school but other than that it good
As a student from Northeastern School District, I would say that this district is one of the best districts in the surrounding counties. This school district strives to make students better academically and physically overall for college readiness. There are many clubs and activities available, mostly grades (4-12). Parents around the district are involved in many events and PTOs. Northeastern School District takes safety very, VERY seriously. The administration is very nice and respecting and strive to make our school district better. The teachers are top-notch and teach to the best they can. Their facilities, such as the pool and gyms, are clean, safe, and modern. There are many resources the schools use to learn many subjects and tasks. The food is very selective in Middle and high school, but not as much in lower grades. Schools are very diverse. In all, Northeastern School District is one of the best districts in the state and surrounding counties.
Northeastern York School District has given me an amazing experience, both inside and out of the classroom. With a faculty of incredible teachers to a wide range of extra-curriculars to engage in, there is something for almost any interest. The sport culture is something that the entire community participates in, which is incredible to see. The academics have been phenomenal, and I feel prepared for college.
Northeastern is a challenging place to learn as a community. We are a community, no matter how many we lose. We celebrate diversity and give kids a chance to be themselves. Funding is a little skewed, however I don't believe that is anything I can change. Northeastern has many clubs and activities that we are encouraged to join. Overall a good place to learn.
I enjoy being a student in the Northeastern York School District. I have been able to enjoy many great opportunities within the community and outside because of the district. The staff is incredible and they work to meet the needs of all students. This school district is a great one to be a part of.
I like Northeastern a lot personally. Most people complain about it a lot because of how some of the people are who go there. But I am usually a postie person so I like most of the people here. It is not to crowded and nothing crazy happens here. Just your average high school.
The school is okay, it is your average farming county high school. You learn, you have friends, you eat, you live.
My experience at Northeastern was overall a pretty good one. I have been in the district all my life. They have many ways for students to get involved. The only issue I found with the school was knowing about the events. It was hard to find out when things were and where. I would have to reach out to senate a lot and ask them questions. I think it would be more effective if they had more signs or posters in the halls with more details. I think that would lead to a better overall turn out.
A well diverse school, with hands on teachers. A well headed administration with the kids futures in mind. Helping every child to be successful and it shows. Couldn’t be prouder to be a parent of a bobcat!
The place is great in diversity and has the community involved in school activities and events. This school district treats its love for sports and education equally which allows for students to become well-rounded individuals. The teachers are also very caring and wonderful with supporting, teaching, and helping students as they go along the years. This school district will help you learn and become acclimated to the adult world upon graduation.
The teachers are very very helpful. The district is in an awesome place, that is, not too widespread but not too small. It's somewhere that you could walk to or pass by. Mostly, the students are nice and friendly and it is easy to make friends at this school. There are also many choices to choose from when picking classes and this school does help prepare for post secondary school very well.
Great district, nice people, great community. Very nice students with great clubs and they have nice facilities, activities, things to do. Great all-around nature. Great curriculum and overall an amazing district
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I loved going to northeastern high school. Teachers an staff really care about the students . It is safe an very diverse . I have great memories to last me forever . The sports programs are so amazing an the coaches go above an beyond for the students .I'm going to deeply miss northeastern high school.
Northeastern has a lot to offer. There are many AP level courses and the opportunity to join dual enrollment at a local college. The teachers are well trained and care about their students. Overall, it is a good school for a good education.
For being one of the smallest distritct’s in York County, Northeastern’s administration has been striving over the last fee years to make real improvements on our ranking. We have one of the highest rates of students depenent on government assisted programs for lunch and other necessaties. Although as a whole I’d rate the diversity as average, it is above average for the area. Unfortunately the district is rather underdevloped in regards to the fine arts which was a bummer in my experience for those student’s choosing to pursue music or art and to in general not have the resources to excel. A lot of Northeastern’s lacking is truly financial because as a whole from admin to building staff, they have a kick-ass team. Senior year I was given the ability to graduate one full semester early as a way to earn money to open the door for me to further my education beyond a high school diploma.
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