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My experience at Northeastern was really just a regular high school vision everyone has. I wish the students were more involved with each other and teachers really pushed that. Rarely any friendships last here and its sad.
northeastern is a very good school in getting close with the students and really understanding their needs.
I loved the drama and theater director. She was a light and was there 110% to support and help the students. The rest of the faculty were very selective in the students they cared about and the students they wanted to see fail. The principle and guidance counselor made us feel worthless and did not protect their students from harassment. Several of the teachers did not lecture, simply played movies or videos and passed out packets. Oftentimes giving you a grade whether you did it or not.
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As a student of Northeastern Wayne High School I love the school so much. It is a wonderful place of learning where anyone struggling with anything can enroll and gain an excellent education.
I am a student, and I personally love the school. The teachers and staff are very helpful and friendly.
Northeastern needs work on their teachers, facilities, and college readiness, however clubs and activities are astounding and what keeps the school functioning.
Northeastern High School has a great sports and music program that benefits many students. The teachers are very helpful and want you to succeed and to feel important.
I like how friendly the teachers and staff are. Teachers are willing to help you succeed during and after high school. The office staff is very friendly and always make sure to ask how everybody who they walk past is doing. The lunch staff consist of very sweet people who love to start conversations with everyone.
I love the small school environment. You get plenty of one on one time with teachers to get all the help you need.
This school has been opening me up to college experiences and readiness for new and different people so much more than any other school I have been to. It has great teachers who can connect with you personally, great sources of food, and mediocre technology that helps us begin to enter the world of technology ahead in our future. The school definetly sets us up for college academically and helps us plan our path.
I like that it always feels like a family. You always feel at home here and can always get the help you need. It’s small enough to feel like a family, but is large enough to have some diversity. I believe this is a very advanced school compared to many others.
I like how the administration and staff are personable and caring towards students. The teachers are well organized and are very good with communication.
What I like about Northeastern is that it’s a small school so you can be very close with everyone that’s not just in your grade but also in the school. All the teachers know you so you can get that one on one time if you need it. It’s a very friendly place to send your kids.
Northeastern Wayne Schools is a great school for children. Northeastern is a great school for academics, you will learn a lot of new things! Our teachers are wonderful they are always helping out if you struggle with anything in class! Safety at Northeastern is very good, our administration and teacher are always protecting us! Northeastern Wayne Schools is a very great school!
The classes were fantastic and the teachers were very understanding whenever you had a problem with your academics! The administration dealt with any problems that arose at any time. Though I would love it if they had a better system to deal with bullying.
I like Northeastern because compared to my previous school it soars above in every aspect. The teachers are more helpful, the administration connects with the students. The food is safer and the facilities are much better taken care of. I would like to see change in the sports category. Though they have good records, many of the coaches tend to pick favorites and play people based on school politics instead of talent and drive. I experienced this first hand because I was never a favorite and I would like to see more fairness in that area. I would also like to see more open minded ness in the school. The area in general is rather close minded and I would like to see that changed, as well.
Since I've been at northeastern we've had 3 different principals. That means the rules and schedules are changed 3 different times. The third principal is only a stand in until they find a well fit person for the job, so eventually the rules and schedules will change again. Also, they don't listen to their students ideas or suggestions on how to make school more enjoyable. They have had really poor test scores all year and last year, due to teachers not teaching the right standards. That makes the students have to retake these test multiple times a year. Sending your child to northeastern is wasting 7hours of their day.
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All the teachers are nice and helpful. The administration is very helpful also. The teachers always have your best interest at heart. I have went there kindergarten through twelfth grade and I have loved it.
My experience at Northeastern High School has been an overall positive one. We are a small rural high school in Indiana. We have a wonderful group of teachers who are committed to see their students success. We are like a big family, and everybody knows everybody. We will stay connected to one another, and the high school for many years after graduation. It has been wonderful to be a student of NHS!
Overall view is good. The administrators seem to be in constant turmoil with the teachers. The stress of being taught to pass a test instead of being taught worthwhile life skills is extremely frustrating and exhausting.
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