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Northeastern Local School District (Springfield) Reviews

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I had a few very good teachers and some who were unhappy and just mildly awful. I learned a lot from the good teachers. Very country school- it was very low-budget and was falling apart. There was a reasonably small amount of kids that went there so a lot of the learning was one-on-one. The downside was that everyone knew everyone's business and usually even how well you were doing in school and extra curricular activities.
my experience in northeastern local is good I really don't have anything to complain about. I have been in this school district for all of my life all the way from kindergarten to now which is my senior year.
I like that the prople in the community get along. I also like that there is a place where you can get groceries but also get ice cream and a picnic area to hangout with your friends or other people and get to know them. The people are always willing to help out. Everyone is supportive of our sports teams. The teachers make learning fun and interactive. It’s a nice place to live and grow up. There is a park not to far from the school for the children in the community to play on. Everybody help try and make the town the best it can be.
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I absolutely love my school and it is heads above the other schools I have attended. I have made so many friends and I have grown so much as a person. I feel extremely prepared for college, and the teachers work to help me be that way.
Northeastern Local is a good district with a very supportive community. The staff and teachers in the district promote learning and a positive learning environment. However, our levies need to start passing and they need better buildings for the students to learn at.
My experience with the Northeastern Local School District has been nothing short of amazing. I am a sophomore at Kenton Ridge, one of the schools in the district and I've discovered so many positive things about it. The people involved with this district are some of the most charismatic people I have ever met. Whether it's community service or raising money to make our schools better when people volunteer they put their hearts into it. I have always been treated kindly and have never experienced any kind of discrimination or favoritism. Some things that I wish could be improved upon are the classes and clubs offered within my district. To my knowledge, the only classes offered are very basic and could be more directed towards real-life problems. Other than wishing for expansion of topics in classes, my district loves and cares about everything they do and they do it to the best of their ability. This makes the Northeastern Local School District truly like no other.
One thing I like about Northeastern is how many opportunities you have even though it's a small school. There are many chances for community service, leadership awards, club involvement, and personal bonds with your peers.
There were so many teachers at Kenton Ridge that I will always appreciate. The Staff and Administration were always lovely and had the kids in their best interest. However, our facilities were very out dated, but the staff worked hard to still make it a workable environment for the students. Cheering on our athletic teams throughout my four years gave me so many memories that I will always cherish. Ya students always made the best out of every situation thrown at us. I will miss the people I became so close to and the memories made there.
Teachers are very kind, but the schools are falling apart and need repairs in all classrooms, hallways, bathrooms, etc.
Northeastern Local School District is a very nice community to be in and I enjoy the people who surround me. One thing I would like to see change is more amount of participation in sports and fundraisers.
Northeastern is a very close-knit community where everyone gets along, regardless of gender, race, or age. The sports teams are not the greatest, but everyone still supports. The teachers are very passionate about their jobs and love helping the kids if they need it. The school is in need of repairs and up-keeps. Overall, I loved my time there and wish I had another year.
I liked that Northeastern is a small school so the classes were not too large. This way students were able to get the help that they needed and the teachers had an opportunity to get to know the students better. We had the chance to take college in the classroom classes right there in the high school so that helped those of us that wanted to get ahead, but played a sport right after school and could not get away.
The students are very friendly and kind. The teachers are personable. But I would like the Northeastern to have new buildings are they are falling apart and old.
Northeastern is a very good school when something tragic happens to a student we come together and help one another. I love how every year we have powder puff game where girls are the football players to raise money for breast cancer. I would love to change the schools they are very old and pipes are leaking they have trash cans to catch the water from leaking on the students. Those are some of the examples of what I love and wish I can change about northeastern
I have attended this district from k-7. I would say that the school is very average for the rural area that it's in. The teaching there is pretty good i would say. The teachers are very friendly, interactive, and good at what they do. From a facility standpoint, the district lacks good facilities. The schools are very old and needs to be improved or rebuilt. There is not much space in the lunch area as well as the gym and classrooms.
Northeastern High School is a great school, for a country kid. If you don't fit that type it is not a place that you want to spend your days. I have enjoyed my 4 years because the teachers here are very involved and care about their students. There is not a lot of bullying, they have a very good zero-tolerance policy in place. I feel like I could talk to any of my teachers if I were to be bullied.
I'm having an amazing time at NE. The student life is great and very accepting to all people. I give it 4 stars because of the funding. With more funding our students could have so much more opportunity to achieve greatness.
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There are some very good things about northeastern. The small class sizes allowed for a lot of personal help in classes. However the ceiling are falling in, the water is hardly drinkable, and the school is lacking many things that could help it be better for the student and staff.
throughout my 4 years being at northeastern, it was a good experience. the people are great. but one thing i would like to see change would be the courses to be harder. i dont think it really gave me a good idea about what college is going to be like. but i wouldnt want to go anywhere else
Northeastern is the homiest school district I have ever seen. All of the students are close, and the bullying is little to none. Students will learn to be themselves and have great ambitions for their future.
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