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Northeastern Clinton Central School District Reviews

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What I like about Northeastern is the personality the school itself has. The faculty and staff are very personable for the most part. What I would like to see change us the enforcement in the dress code as well as way students are treated by other students as well as some teachers. I would like to see the students who aren't the sports players or involved in special clubs get just as much attention as the popular athletes and national honor Society students. There needs to be equal contribution on all ends. Students, faculty and staff.
Average high school. It has a great Model United Nations program which I am a part of. Lots of drama, but that's expected in all high schools. I am definitely ready to graduate and hopefully get out of the area. The area isn't bad, I just want something more exciting in life than what it has to offer.
The school could do a better job with bullying and how they handle students. They could also not have school on days it is not safe. They should also look more into who they allow to work for the school.
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I have been in my school district from kindergarten to 12th grade and it has been a great experience. The faculty and staff care about the students and are always willing to help us in any way. Each teacher gets involved with his or her students to ensure we are on the right track to passing and excelling at each subject.
I would like to see the diversity change, but overall a good school. Academics are good, make a lot of friends. Close knit community
During my years at NCCS, a lot has progressed over time. The teachers and staff are fantastic. The library is excellent for getting books and other resources. Academics are good. However, there could be more diversity in the school.
The overall experience is average. There isn't really anything special that is given to the students. There aren't many recognition experiences for the students. I'm involved in a lot of things so my experience is pretty good. I have great opportunities and I enjoy it.
I came into this school district in my senior year. Overall the school has great academics and great extracurriculars.
Northeastern Clinton is not only the best school in the "North Country", but it is also the standard to which all school should be. Preaching family atmosphere and equality amongst all students, is the main goal that the faculty, studnets, and staff members all do.
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