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Overall a very good school. No issues with bullying. Constantly making advancements for students either by making new learning plans or getting one-on-one computers for the students to work on homework or classwork from home.
During my time at Northeast, it was an average rural school. In my opinion, for a rural school, they have pretty great art and music programs. The lunches are pretty average. The additions to the school definitely made the school look classier and were a great investment for the students and staff. While most people leave each other alone rather than bullying face-to-face, there is a lot of hypocrisy about bullying and the course of action they take in circumstances of bullying and harassment. My brother, who often times needs help with homework and academics in general, has expressed that he has had some bad experiences with staff and trying to get something done about people bullying him. He has also said that during practices, coaches will swear at the kids and are very aggressive with student athletes. Many students feel that the sports here are very clique-ish, making it extremely difficult for anyone outside of said cliques to enjoy the sport.
I am a freshman at Northeast and have had a very good experience. The kids and teachers are very nice and helpful.
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I have gone to Northeast my entire life and I feel like it tries to find a balance between academics and extracurricular activities. Some more emphasis is placed in certain areas, which is something I believe should change - more equality between sports and fine arts. It is a normally welcoming environment, with teachers focused on your success. Lunch lines are a bit hectic with underclassmen pushing for the front, but overall, Northeast is a great school.
Northeast is a good school that guide the students to what is needed in college. It has a wide range of extra-curricular activities as well. It needs to improve on it's technical classes though, remembering that we are in an area where Blue Collar jobs are in high demand and most in the area are in this profession.
I loved everything about my school. The teachers are amazing. There are lots of opportunities. Great community. I loved it so much that I hope to return there as a teacher.
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