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Northeast Bradford School District Reviews

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The school is generally okay, most of the teachers are very kind and supportive. The school is small so it creates a nice one-on-one environment. The only issue I can find with the school is its lack of extracurriculars- we only have a few sports, and our theater department is lacking greatly. While it has been a nice school for the past thirteen years, I am ready to move on to bigger and better things.
I moved here last summer before my senior year. I feel that the art program really helped get me ready for college. I will be studying illustration. The teachers were good and wanted me to succeed.
Even though some of the teachers are complete f#!?! Yards sometimes but others treat you like family and tell you like it is to get you to understand that you need to get your crap together the councilor is there to listen and help you understandand try to help you solve or deal with them
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I had a great experience in all of my classes. Each class gave me all of the information and help that I needed to pass. However, they do not take pride in their art and music programs. They get very little respect and recognition. I would like to see a change in that.
As a small school, Northeast gives you a unique experience. People complain about it being in the middle of nowhere, but these two traits combine to give students the benefit of lasting friendships and teachers that genuinely care about your success and will stand by you as long as you put in the effort. The cafeteria could definitely use better food options, but the state is more to blame for this than the school itself.
I loved High School. Yes there are always those teachers where you wonder how they ever got a teaching degree, but most every teacher there truly loves their job and is focused on helping the kids learn, and will go out of their way to help you if you are having trouble. The new principle is an amazing guy who i have known personally and as a teacher for many years, and was able to experience his style as a principle his first half year. He cares about the students and their lives and their progress.
I loved the teachers and how invested they are in the education of each separate child. They genuinely use their time to help you better not only yourself but everything about you. They sculpt the kids into people that can better the world, and teach them respect.
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