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Class sizes are small to medium sized (10-25 people), teachers are very personal and involved with students, there are many clubs and sports to join.
There is a video online of students doing coke off of railings at the high school, but there is a camera system broadcasting directly to the police station.
I liked that the counselors really cared about your health and well being. Not many schools would put in the extra mile, but Northbridge did. The classes are very challenging, which was great for the students because it allowed them to push themselves. Teachers were considerate and encouraging. The best part about the school is the atmosphere. Staff and students were extremely supportive and spirited. During spirit week, students went all out and you could really feel the excitement in the air .
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Northbridge High School has gotten me ready for college and made me eager to move on. 4 years is definitely long enough. I did learn a lot, although the levels of classes needs to be adjusted to the true meaning of their difficulty. Honors level needs to feel like honors, along with AP. Administration has been switched around a lot in the past year and it is still continuing to change in the next years. Overall, my experience at Northbridge wasn't bad. It 100% could've been better at a different high school but I did enjoy the people I met. There definitely is a huge feel of community which made the school days and out of school events more fun and feel more safe.
One of the things I loved about Northbridge schools is that they were close to eachother to make families convenient to drive or connect face to face to their kids faculty members. I also love the community of everyone knowing eachother and the way teachers communicate with their students.
My 3 children have all attending/attended this school. They have all had a great experience. The faculty/teachers are readily available to assist in any area of academics or social assistance. It's a great school system for my kids.
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