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Northborough has good schools, they have good programs in middle and high school. Algonquin is best high school in MA...
When I was there, it was a brand new school with fantastic administrators and teachers. I loved the small school setting, with a graduating class of 300 . At that point Algonquin excelled in college readiness. My personal favorite however was the music and arts department.
Each of the schools in Northborough is fantastic. With a very active family community. As well as Retired residents participating in events, volunteering etc.

Algonquin is second to none in school spirit for all their Sports teams! The whole community goes to the Football games, not just the family's with kids playing the sport.
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Say what you will about certain teachers or guidance counselors, but in my experience, it is clear that they genuinely care about students and want to educate.
However, this year's administration has made some very unpopular and unnecessary changes.
Northborough Public Schools are excellent. The students are well-prepared for college and the teachers/administrators genuinely care about the children. The coaches, however, do not. Right before his sophomore year, my son had to stop playing football due to his 5th concussion (all received during practices). He had played since he was 7 years old and it became a major part of his life...the structure, the discipline, the camaraderie. When he was told he can never play again, not one Algonquin coach reached out to him to express their sympathy or support...nor did they try to find a non-physical way to keep him on the team. The coach of the lacrosse team (my son's 2nd love) never reached in any of the aforementioned capacities. To say I am disappointed can be left unspoken. For my son, almost ruined his high school experience.
The Northborough/Southborough school district is extremely dynamic. The students establish strong fundamentals in both math and science while still making plenty of time to focus on the arts and music departments as well. Reading and writing is really enhanced once kids enter into the high school level (Algonquin Regional High School) as most teachers prepare students for colleges quite well.
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