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The math was great here, unfortunately the teachers are not paid enough. There is not much bullying but it is cliquey. I had a good experience here at NHS overall.
I am wrapping up my senior year at Northampton High School and I feel well equipped to enter college. The academics at Nothampton High were rigorous and most teachers helpful and kind.
I have been in this school system since I was in kindergarten. I feel that the amount of time that the administration spends editing their curriculum and teaching methods definitely shows in the classroom. However, there is a significant disconnect between the teachers and students, most obviously in the High School, that needs to be addressed. The drama that goes on within the school is something that needs to be addressed. While students in high school are growing and leaning how to be more independent, they have not reached full maturity and need to act as such. I have seen, and had first-hand experience, with too many accounts of bullying that is expected of elementary and middle school students. Administration seems too busy to ever be able to address this issue, but it is a pertinent one and detracts from many students' ability to learn.
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My time at Northampton Public Schools was great. The high school does a great job of preparing students for college and really helped us through every step of the way. My guidance counselor in particular always took the initiative to reach out and make sure I was on track - starting from the very beginning in freshman year. The teachers and staff always made sure to connect with students and really get to know them and their interests. Most staff even made it a point to support their students outside of academics, whether it be a sports game, play, ceremony etc.
Northampton High school was a great school that provided many opportunities and had a great support system in place for students. Excellent education with great teachers.
The school is nice but not the best. Some of the teachers and classes are nice but there are a handful that aren’t. The math system is kinda iffy. The foreign language is the best but I would like a few more options for students to take.
Prepared me for college . Teachers were always there for me. Many went beyond to help in after school help classes. School offered many A/P classes .Plus teachers helped us to prepare for the A/P test.. Lunches could be better. Offered many opportunities to get involved in clubs and sports. .....
It was a good school. They could use better middle-range academics. The AP/Honors classes were amazing but anything lower was bad or average.
I really loved the school, I think they did a great job for a public school education! The teachers were interesting, and they had a wide variety of classes to chose from. They did a great job organizing events, especially for the seniors on their last week.
Northampton public schools have always been great to myself and my children! I grew up in Northampton and went to the Northampton public school system. I am more than happy to send my children here. The staff and learning environment is incredible.
The people at the school on terrific. But the school lunches are terrible. The administration is very good. And the teachers are really helpful and will always help if you need it. The students at the school are really nice and the only problem is that some kids vape in the bathroom and they have no idea on how to fix the problem.
Northampton was a great place high school. However, some of the teachers did not foster thinking outside the box while other teachers were amazing.
My four years in the Northampton Public School system have been great for the most part made some life long friends and had fun. I was granted some great outside opportunities through the school and it has helped me grow.
Northampton High School is very good and has great academics and great teachers. The middle school and a few of the elementary schools are not amazing.
Northampton High School has been a very good experience for me. Most classes were challenging and I feel academically prepared for college. Though there have been a few teachers who I would not recommend, most of my teachers were very good and cared about us and our work.
Northampton Public Schools has many course offerings to choose from ranging from the arts, to AP classes, and college classes at Smith College. There are a lot of choices. The school district is very liberal. Students with conservative views or beliefs may not feel very welcome, and often times might be made to feel like an outcast and alone. For those who have liberal views it is a really great place to be and be accepted. The education is top notch.
Northampton highs school was an overall caring and welcoming place. I loved my time there and love and cherish many memories off my time there.
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I like that is's got a good marching band; it's cooperation with home schoolers could use improvement.
The Northampton public school system was friendly and helpful. I had a pleasant experience through elementary school, and all the way to high school.
I had a great experience both elementary And secondary education in Northampton schools. It was a time during the 60's70's that the drug era happened but it didn't affect the way I was taught due to teachings and observations s of the students before me. There was also many teachers that got down on the students level if they needed to talk or needed any kind of help to succeeed in class. The teachers were very serious about what they taught and passionate. The school was very large especially after the local catholic school closed and all the local high school and elementary schools received more students, which all blended quite well.
We had a very good sports and activities related student body which ended with one of my students making 1000 points in a season in basketball, along with a fabulous football team.
It's definitely high school years to remember as if it was yesterday.
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