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I am at the Northampton Community College that is reasonable priced school and very good diversity. I am an international student and I wish there will be more in school job opportunities.
I love how much the teachers try to work with you and help u succeed as much as possible. The offer so many opportunities for you to get involved and have a fun high school experience!
Teachers and staff were engaging. The atmosphere was pleasing.
Opportunities were endless. The camaraderie within the campus is contagious.
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Good school with plenty of opportunities to excel in your academic career. The environment is good and positive with the focus on getting you ready for your future beyond school.
I have lived in Northampton all my life, and am now soon to graduate. The education here is honestly average. Common Core has taken over the elementary school, which has left children not knowing how to correctly do simple math. But teachers are attentive and care. We see surrounding schools and know we are not the best but we still have our "K-Kid pride". As long as you take ahold of the resources the school system has to offer, it is a good experience.
Northampton High School was a good school overall. There's not much that the faculty can do to change the children, which I think is really the only problem. The lunches were good, and most of the teachers were okay. It was a pretty average school overall.
Northampton Area High School has provided me with a very good high school experience. I've been involved in multiple clubs and sports throughout the high school career that allowed me to connect with others and find what interests me most. This school has also allowed me to take the opportunity to study abroad in Germany after I graduate next year. Overall, I believe this school has academically and socially prepared me for when I go onto college.
The academics and classes offered are really good and they give everyone a good opportunity to take any kind of class they want, with a large selection to choose from. However, book worms like me feel as if the school spends most of their money on sports. Instead of building a new parking lot, there is yet another soccer field, baseball field, or something else related to sports. Often times, clubs struggle to be noticed by the administration and have to work 10 times harder to be heard. Overall, Northampton is average and could improve on a few things.
Northampton Area High School is your average school. There is no funding for the art or music programs. There are few teachers that are incredible but they get overshadowed by the not so great ones. There is only one schoolwide assembly a year that students can look forward to in the fall. The teachers there try to make the assembly as fun as can be.
The best years of my life have been at NASD!! So many great memories with teachers and friends. Love all the opportunities I have had at this school
Northampton Area School District does a great job of providing AP classes as well as honors classes in order to produce students that are competitive with those of other schools. The only thing that I would change is that it does not seem as though students are prepared for the overall college life so that is something I would change. Great facilities, and an awesome sports culture that is far better than other around town!
Northampton Area School District is, overall, does an effective job at teaching and preparing students for the life ahead of them. they provide efficient teachers around the district that are passionate about the work they do. The district is respondent to the many students it looks after and provides the necessary help to those who look for it. One negative about the school district is that it does not handle class disruptive students well and these students continue to take away from others with little intervention from the district. Although the district lacks in some areas, it is by far one of the more superier districts in the area.
Greater access to dual enrollment programs is needed to support those students pursuing higher academic standards and college credit.
Well I haven’t attended Northampton Community Collage yet but from meeting and speaking to the admission worker from there and visiting the campus and talking to the workers who helped me with getting information, they have made me feel as though I already have went there. When speaking to the admissions worker she had a very bubbly personality and was eager to help me with my financial aid questions and kept me open minded to all the scholarship websites that are out there, as well as helping me get a feel of how the process of applying and enrollment will go made me feel comfortable, and not so overwhelmed by how I thought the process my go.another way she made me feel comfortable is by telling me what other majors I can take without changing the department I want to work in which got me excited to know the limitless options I have if I was to change my major. When meeting the workers they had a very positive attitude which made them approachable.
I liked the teachers and counselors. They are friendly and patient. My teachers helped me in so many various ways I cannot list them all. My counselor was amazing and always available to me whenever I needed him. I felt safe in my school and any bullying problems that were presented were taken care of immediately. I would change the fact that because our Ice Hockey team is not a part of the PIAA, it is not recognized as a school sport even though we play as the KIDS and use their logo. It something I've been fighting to change. My overall experience with my school has been excellent!
The intentions are great for some teachers. They want to be involved and are great mentors. Some are just there to make a paycheck.
I loved all of my teachers, they all helped me succeed throughout my time in the district. From elementary to high school, I have felt welcomed in every building and the students and staff have been wonderful.
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I would like to see more funds allocated to the art programs, such as the drama club. My music teacher was excellent. She was my role model in high school.
My time at Northampton was very rewarding. There were many opportunities in regards to academics, clubs and sports. A drama booster club was established my senior year and I was the only student member and attended and was involved with every meeting. The one thing I would like to see change would be reflecting the difficult AP courses differently in the honor roll status. They are more difficult courses and should be given more credit when in comes to the honor roll status and not just in relation to the grade point average . Overall I had a wonderful experience at Northampton and will miss it very much.
I am a college student that dorms at Northampton Community College. The atmosphere is great and I feel very safe here. It is a very pleasant college to learn and grow at.
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