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I enjoyed being able to get to know the teachers and students. Northampton promotes personal relationships.
I am a student here, and the teachers are all highly educated and knowledgeable in their subjects. There are many opportunities offered such as dual enrollment and AP classes, as well as a vocational school.
I always had a positive attitude about attending Northampton High School. I received exemplary teaching and I enjoyed the community feel of the school. I participated in several clubs the school had to offer and felt that I became a well rounded experienced individual because of it. I also was involved in sports and felt I was coached well in order to reach my full potential and strive to beat my personal best records. I will always be grateful for the wonderful experiences I had attending Northampton High School.
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I like the teachers staff because they are all very helpful and generous. The way schedules are handled could be improved.
I enjoy Northampton a lot. The majority of teachers and administrative staff are great. There is a wide variety of course to choose from and other opportunities presented to students. Every school has its flaws though and can always improve.
My favorite things about Northampton area school district was being involved. Northampton offers a lot of clubs you can participate in. Some of my favorite were winter track and volunteer club. Being involved and active made my high school experience one I will never forget. Along with being involved, Northampton shows good school spirt while making special days like school colors day And some fun dress up days like Hawaii day. Along with energy filling pep rally’s and A crowd cheering student section at football Friday night lights.
I think that Northampton had a lot of opportunities for extra curricular activities for students. For the most part, in my experience the teachers do a great job with the resources they have.
I would like more courses to be implemented elective wise. There are a lot of AP classes which is good. Sports are not the best (football) so it takes away from the high school experience of friday night football games when the team is not great.
The teachers that I had were great and I feel I got a good education. The school administrators and super intendant really care about the students.
I attended Northampton since middle school. Overall I’d say it was a pretty average school since it was the only school I had known. The sports facilities are very nice. It has a mix of really good teachers and some not so good teachers. I liked the fact it offered a variety of AP classes that you could take at the same time and dual enrollment options as well.
Northampton is an excellent school district. Not only do we have exceptional programs, athletics and teachers, we have an exceptional student body. Coming from another school district halfway thru 10th grade was a scary transition, but I honestly have to say that I felt so comfortable there from day 1. In addition to making so many new friends, the guidance counselor and the teachers were so helpful in my adjustment. It is so nice to be a part of a school where the students and the staff are so welcoming.
One of best things I can say about this school is that they have a wide variety of opportunities for their students. I took the opportunity this year to volunteer in our schools IU room. Because I had this opportunity, I was able to really work with special needs children and decided that this was the career I wanted to pursue in college. My overall experience at this school is amazing and I know I will have many memories to look back on.
The weekly community events and activities that keep student involved and emotionally happy throughout the semester. I also like the helpful staff in the library.
2 kids different experiences. One good and one bad. I've seen both sides therefore completely neutral.
I attend college in the school district and I believe that my school is different than the rest of the district. I believe as a whole that the district has room for improvement. However, my college specifically is a great example of how schools should operate and I would highly recommend it to any high school students looking for a safe environment to nurture their curiosity.
I’ve rec’d a good education. My teachers are great! There are many variety of clubs which I participate in the German Club,
Bio Club, Volunteer Club, FEA - Future Educators of America. I will be going to Germany in the summer through the GAPP Program. I would like to Thank ALL my teachers who have helped me along the way to fulfilling my dreams of being math teacher. I cannot wait to start Moravian College in the fall.
I did graduate from Northampton High School, and I did very well in class as I graduated in the Top 10% of my class and received honors for the Highest Overall Accounting grade. I felt that the school did not do enough to prepare me for college. I wish they would've helped me more with financial aid and career planning.
Despite having a lack of funds for more textbooks, updated textbooks, better lunches, or more room in the high school, the school district and the teachers are knowledgeable, moving in the right direction, and I can say that the school district is taking strides to compete with the surrounding areas.
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It is a good school to go to. The school is very focused on their sports teams and how successful they are. Some teachers do not really teach all that much but instead, assign it on the computer and set a due date.
The district does a great job providing students with advanced technology and learning procedures each year. They offer a plethora of courses and clubs which suit the students needs.
The school district in general was very friendly and easy to get use to. I didn’t transfer in but I was probably in about 4-5 different schools in the district for some other reason. The one thing I would like them to change is the food they serve. Sometimes I would get cold food that’s suppose to be hot. Other than that, I would like them to redesign the hallways because the main hallway gets crowded fast and sucks to try to get to another class through it.
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