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North West Hendricks Schools Reviews

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I enjoyed most of my teachers and having one on one help in the classroom. I didn't enjoy the lunches and some of the classes. I felt like we were tied down and not able to do as much as we should have been.
It's a good school, but it's too easy to graduate from. Football players get out of detentions and suspensions so they can play in the games. We hardly ever have paper towels. I've met about 10 non-white people at this school. Teachers do genuinely care about us, however. The school seems to make an effort with lunches, but half the time our drinks are expired or our food is soggy and looks inedible.
It is a very good environment for a student to learn in. I would recommend anyone go there who lives in the area. You won’t be sorry.
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I like northwest hendricks schools because they are friendly. They are also very supportive. They care about how you are doing and it's not all about teaching, they can have some fun. I have got a good education from northwest hendricks schools.
North West Hendricks Schools provides a very safe and welcoming environment for all. The learning opportunities and teacher's involvement is unlike any other school. There is very much good that goes on at North West Hendricks that you can not find anywhere else.
I enjoyed knowing everyone in my class something many people these days do not get to experience. I had an incredible time when I participated in Activities and the teachers really did care. The only problem this district has is there isn't much diversity.
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