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North Vermillion Community School Corporation Reviews

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There is a great sense of community at NVHS. Its a small district school where everyone knows everyone. Of course there are downfalls to small schools such as diversity in student interest, limited amount of clubs, and limited amount of funds to support those clubs, but overall its a good place to be.
Great atmosphere and sports but not great with the education. Administration doesn’t adequately do their job and if a student needs help they are never around. Teachers also expect students to know the material and they don’t making it hard to learn. Nice people and fun times overall but educationally lacks some of the necessary requirements.
It’s a great choice just some of the teachers are very vocal about what they say, they have a great principal and and the whole staff is excellent, btw Christian bush is a pleb.
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There are a lot of things to like about North Vermillion. It is a very welcoming school. I transferred to North Vermillion my Sophomore year. Right away I was welcomed. The staff is great there. They are very friendly.
I really like how involved the teachers are. The teachers take you step by step when you need help. They also give you the right amount of time to get the work done and turned in. The one thing I would change is how much the staff gets involved with taking care of bullying.
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