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The school district is one of the best schools in the area. It's teachers are very nice and accommodating and the kids learn a lot.
I loved this school and the people, but I felt they could have better prepared me for college. The teachers were great and very involved in our school work and wanting us to succeed, but were not equipped to prepare us for the ACT or SAT.
I enjoyed the teachers and social interactions that were present at North Union, they are all kind and supportive when helping me learn. Things that I would like to see improved would be the class diversity that is present. The school as many basic classes and a few core AP classes but that is it. I would have liked to see more challenging classes in a field of study that is not math of science.
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I am currently on my last year of high school. I came to NUSD in 5th grade. When I first came, being the only Asian in the whole grade was tough. Kids were mean and ignorant, but at that age, weren't we all? The teachers are willing to help and there is no dumb question. Middle school was strict on their rules but no too bad. There are about 450 kids in the whole school and word travels fast. The food is typical school food. I'd always hear about other schools having other foods like a salad bar or other hot meal options but they were also bigger school districts and in a different location. The administration, in my opinion, was a bit iffy. They don't really do anything outside of what they have to. Other than having to go to school every day for 5 days, I'd highly recommend North Union School District.
My experience at North Union High School was very life changing, at any high school there are many things thrown at you to prepare you for your future. At North Union, the teachers and staff do everything they possibly can to help you succeed while those curve balls are being thrown at you. Throughout all of the hard work and stress I have faced throughout these four years, it will all soon pay off as I pursue my career.
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