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I liked the teachers. They were overall organized and I felt prepared for tests. We spent at least a week reviewing. I feel as if the academics were manageable. I did not like the sports because I felt that some sports were emphasized and "more important" than others. It's over all pretty safe. I think it would be beneficial to students if they knew the administration better. The school is very good with "school spirit." There is always activities that students can be a part of.
North Thurston is a place I am lucky to have been a part of. I came in as a freshman with self confidence issues, few friends, and a poor work ethic. It is due to the amazing staff members such as my Calculus teacher, and my Band director that I was easily guided in a better direction. I also gained a sense of belonging very quickly, the upperclassmen I was close with, got me through the hardest year of my life by making me feel welcomed and loved. My GPA when I was a freshman was only a 3.0. Now, as a senior it is a 3.7. I think it is completely due to the good school I go to.
Fantastic school district! I would highly recommend to either go North Thurston, or Tumwater. Awesome teachers and staff.
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North Thurston public schools enabled me to pursue my learning in a safe and comfortable environment. I was able to interact with people of diverse backgrounds and I built meaningful relationships with the teachers here. I was able to enroll into programs such as AVId and Running Start, and I feel prepared and ready for college.
Teachers and counselors genuinely care about you. Regular academics are not exactly challenging, but a decent selection of APs are available. I definitely recommend taking the Running Start route, though, although if you are big on clubs and sports then just stick in high school.
North Thurston schools accept and respect gender, racial and cultural diversity of students and provide a safe environment for education.
It was a great school, had an amazing teachers. Part of a great foreign exchange program. Open campus during lunch for everyone. Welcoming to all groups of people. Has a wide variety of sport programs and clubs.
North thurston is a great school with excellent staff and students that show the ram pride every day. Though the students need to work on welcoming new people, the school is still a comforting place to be.
I loved going to all the schools I went to in North Thurston Public Schools. MY teachers were incredible and really cared about me. They were the ones who helped me succeed. My success led me to graduating with high honors in 2016
I grew up in this school district. I have seen others and heard of their experiences. While our district seems to focus most on sports and academics, others seemed to focus more on field trips, which does not seem to benefit anyone long term. I greatly recommend this school district, as it seems to have the best opportunity for individual advancement.
I attend River Ridge high school ,I am proud to say i feel like i attend the most diverse high school in the district. I have never felt like i have had to look around and actually notice the color of someones skin because everyone is so different. . The staff at all schools are the best and the schools come together very well. The only problem i have experienced is the over crowding and switching the school zones, i currently attend River Ridge high school and have been a student for almost three years now and will be graduating soon. I hope to see some updates on the building because of the terrible weather and crazy overcrowded hall ways. I hope to see the same kind of growth with the students and staff as well as the schools themselves after i graduate, it has been a great experience.
I have been given a great public school experience. I have been able to advance at my own pace and abilities. There are several great clubs to be a part of. I feel I have the support from the teachers and staff to do my best.
It is very easy to be involved in sports, clubs, and activities at this school. There is a lot available for students.
Many of the teachers care about their students and work hard to help their students get into college. I had a sports coach who disrespected all of his players, yet the Athletic director has not done anything in response to their complaints.
I love the schools overall ! The acedemics, diversity sports
and and activities are all great. Maybe some staff reconsiderations and more
college prep.
I always enjoyed my time while attending schools in the North Thurston School District. There was an immense amount of diversity and most of the time when I wasn't enduring the normal drama that it is school I actually enjoyed going to school and would consider it a place to send my own children one day.
I've been attending North Thurston Public Schools for a while now and nothing beats my experiences here. I love the environment and the great diversity in the district, it's a great place to live, learn and be successful. The teachers make you feel welcomed every morning and also throughout the day. There's help anytime and anywhere with anyone if you need it, the counselors are always there to help students individually with problems ranging from school to just about life as well. The students act as one, a family with warming smiles and happy faces. It makes you feel at home and that's what a school should feel like.
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I have been with the North Thurston Public schools all 12 years. It has been an amazing journey and all the teachers i've had, had been very incredible as well.
I like that a lot of the schools have been getting a much needed renovation and I love the after school activities they have for the elementary students. I do wish they would find funding for computers in all the schools including elementary schools. I had it when I was a child and in this time I think technology is incredibly important for our youth.
While individual schools vary, I have found the elementary and middle school my daughter attends to be very clean and focused on acceptance for all, sensitive to varying cultures and focused on ensuring the children get an above bar education.
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