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Great teachers that actually care but there aren’t very many class choices. The building is also really old. I don’t ever feel like I’m in danger at school. Diversity is pretty bad at North Summit. All of the teachers are white and about 90 percent of the students are white but I don’t really think that affects anything too much.
It was the only school in my area, but it was pretty good. The best part was that I was able to take concurrent enrollment classes and get my associates degree before graduation.
I'd like to see a wider variety of hands on learning classes available. I would also like to see a wider variety of language classes available. Right now the only available language classes are Spanish, which is through the school itself, and French which is through Snow College.
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Teachers kick students out of class for illness excused absences, some ridiculous requirements, staff isn't all that good. Lunch is fatty food. Wouldn't suggest.
North Summit is a great school! Students are given many opportunities and tools to succeed. Students also have the chance to be part of many clubs and sports.
I really enjoyed North Summit, It had a nice environment. The class sizes were small and manageable. The students are very nice as well as the teachers.
I love how teachers are always willing to help a student who learns differently or doesn't understand certain subjects.
I like how everyone was close. It is a small community and the support is great through sports clubs and actitivities. Food is homemade and and amazing and I’ve learned a lot for the near future
I love North Summit. Everyone is very involved and has a ton of school pride. It makes me feel very proud to tell people that I am a North Summit Brave. There is not a lot that I would change about North Summit. I think we could offer a lot more clubs and sports, but it's kind of hard due to the limited number of students. Everyone in the Coalville community knows everyone and is always at the school function showing their support, I think North Summit is a wonderful place and it deserves more credit than it gets.
Very small classes, personal attention from the teachers. Not a lot of extra-curricular activities.
I love my school. All of the teachers are friendly and they truly care about every student and they do everything to help students pass with good grades. I love how small the school is and everyone knows almost everyone. The only problem I have with is our principle. He enforces his own personal rules and he picks favorites.
I loved the small school feel of North Summit. I loved how everyone knew each other and supported everyone. We all celebrated everyone one else's victories.
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