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North Star is a small school where everyone knows everyone. These can be both a good and bad thing depending upon each individual.
North Star has a very relaxed environment, we are very small so everyone knows everyone. It is cold where we live, however.
Most of the teachers I'm surrounded by love their jobs and genuinely care for the children around them. For such a small school we have pretty great facilities and resources. We are close-knit and no child is forgotten.
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it is a very white school. but the have a great sports program and a musical every year that they put alot of money and time into. the teachers do cuss at the high school students at times and when you call them out on it you are called a liar. it's a community full of the same families for generations so hard to fit in when you new to the community.
Many teacher are very good teachers and it is great and a friendly atmosphere the only thing that is bad some teachers aren't professional.
My experience at North Star was fairly good. I have attended the school ever since my early pre-school years. The school is good, because it is surrounded by am active and supportive community. Through this the school has become more efficient and effective over the years. What I like most about the school is the motivated teachers. My favorite classes were always in English, and because of the schools excellent English department I have been able to enjoy it continuously through my high school career. On the other end of the spectrum, my least favorite thing about my school is the poor security and overall safety of the school. Unfortunately, I would not feel safe in my school if there ended up being a threat to our safety. My school is small and holds around 400 students. I feel that because my school is small and not sufficiently supported financially, we lack in many important school safety factors.
I liked some of the new younger teachers like Mr. Deluca and Mr Lascari who make the classes more interesting. I would like to see more flexibility in the schedules and curriculum.
I like attending North Star School District. I am the 4th child in my family to attend, and I feel like I belong. I feel very safe, and like the small town school feeling. I am very involved in my school and community, and will always have a special place in my heart for my district.
Not much to change.
They just need to find away to cooperate with their vo tech. Like in my sophmore year they made us stay at school the whole day for the keystones. The Somerset technology center students that took it were not allowed to go and that wasn't fair because some people fell behind on their classes.
Wouldn't change nothing , I was please with the education, teachers, sports and community involvement.
North Star School District is located in rural Pennsylvania and has many opportunities for students. Even though it is a smaller school, the district provides opportunities for academic clubs, athletics, and music programs including a high school musical production each year.
North Star High School has, and continues to be an awesome school for me. The teachers are very involved and easy to talk to if you're struggling. I had the privelage of being on 3 teams that made it to the state finals, and the support from the school and community was so overwhelming and amazing to be apart of. Everyone knows everyone, and it's such a close-knit community; I'm blessed to be a part of it.
North Star has been Sudan amazing experience! All of the teachers try to best to their abilities to help us learn. We have a very safe environment. Students and teachers are helping people out.
I haved loved my experience at North Star so far. I actually moved to a lot of different schools when I was younger, the friends I have made here are truly the best. I can proudly say that I have had the same friend group since middle school and of course it's grown significantly since I began high school. I have had the chance to grow as a person through different extracurriculars I've participated in like musical, forensics, key club, chorus and ham radio club. When I got to high school I made it a point to get involved in anything I might be intersted in and it has truly made my life brighter.
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