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North St. Paul-Maplewood-Oakdale School District Reviews

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I think the buildings look really outdated and could use some new renovation or some sprucing up. I would also appreciate if the middle schools and elementary schools offered more advanced placement opportunities. Being in high school I've noticed that a lot of the kids who didn't attend this school district for primary school are way ahead. Some are one sometimes two years ahead in math without taking squeeze , and while I am one year ahead I feel like I was never given the chance to get that far ahead so that I could maximize the amount of math credits that I could take.
At Tartan Senior High school it is a lot more than just a school. Tartan is culturally diverse community. Just entering the school and being around so many different people teaches many things, like how to treat different kinds of people, for example, minorities or students with autism, ADHD or any disability. I truly enjoy coming to school and learning from the teachers here. There is not one teacher who gets tired of explaining the same question over and over, as long as the student ends up understanding the question. Every adult here really makes it clear that school is not about the grade or the right answer but it is about understanding how you got the right answer to get that good grade.
It a really nice place and it comfortable and easy to adapt. You also can make friends easily and long term friends. Like I've know my friends for about 5 years and they are amazing.
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I like the environment, I attended for four years, and took many advanced, AP, and CIS courses. I like the variety of courses offered for upperclassmen, because you can choose what you want to do. It makes it possible to move toward a trade, or move toward furthering your education. I do not like the way the administration runs the school, they can make the school feel like a trap at times, and I have had bad experiences with them limiting expression in the choir and drama departments. Also, the dress code is an issue, but this is an issue at most schools. Girls are objectified when simply wearing a tank top, and boys are essentially allowed to walk around with their entire chests exposed.
I’ve been in this school district my whole life. I like how involved some of the teachers are with it education but I didn’t like how here was only a few who were. I wish that the district payed attention to all departments not just a few, that would help all students be their best. They did always try to make everyone feel welcome at their schools and fell safe which is something I liked. In high school I feel like I was treated more like a child instead of a young adult but the administration which made me want to be done with high school.
I love learning in the environment provided. Including all the work given, all the staff makes it easy to understand. I also love how every staff and student are treated repectfully!
My experience in the North St. Paul-Maplewood-Oakdale School District was overall an enjoyable experience. I learned many useful skills that will be useful in my lifetime; like learning how to work in teams and develop leadership and communication skills that help me excel in my higher education. I made many friends in my time in that district and had fun and educational experiences I don't believe I could have gotten anywhere else.
Being a high school student at North High had its ups and its down. To say the least, it was an interesting experience and if you were to ask me to do it again I would say no... because I don't have any regrets.
I love the district, but many things needs to change. we need more teachers employed, more activities been endorsed, I would love to see less student ratio to teacher.
Attending that school was amazing the teachers and facility were so nice and tried their best to know all the students.
My expierence at North High School was amazing , although it could have been better. The teachers are amazing and depending on the students in the class that made this learning environment a good expierence.
The academic opportunities are amazing. The teachers care very much about their students, and it is overall a very good community. We are one giant family as a school district and when we come together for something, we dominate. It is extremely big and diverse. When it comes to clubs, sports, and extracurricular activities, there are tons of opportunities and it is a great way to get to know people.
I had a great experience going to school in this district. It’s better than the district I went to before moving to this district. Most of my cousins go to this district now.
Decent. Have been in the district since middle school, attended Maplewood Middle, then North high. Food isn't really good. North seems diverse but really isn't.
Been in the district since middle school. Attended Maplewood Middle, then North high. North is a semi-okay school.
Overrall, a very great district! Some math teachers are not the best, but the others pick up from where they lack information.
I would like to see increased funding for new textbooks, lab equipment, and overall education throughout the district. Although the district received very little tax funding, I believe with the new levy that more resources should become available for the students to use. Also, the food quality is awful and healthier food should be easier to obtain. Many of the elementary schools lack adequate space as well for successful learning. Most of these problems can be solved with more state and federal funding, but the resources that are available now need to be reorganized and focused on more important aspects of student life
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Some of the teachers at North High school really care about you and really want to see you develop, not only as a student, but as a person as well. Meanwhile, there are some teachers who are the opposite. One thing about North I really dislike is that the counselors don't really push the students to graduate. For example, I get reduced/free lunch and when asking my counselors if they could send out my transcripts to the colleges I applied to; they told me that i'd have to pay for it myself after the fourth one. I think it's unfair for the kids who are trying to further their education and don't have the money to do so. I don't mind paying, but I know my counseler can send it for free but instead she tells me I have to pay for it myself because it'd be "unfair" to other students. One thing i'd like to see done at North; more clubs that teachers create, that really interest the students and make the students want to get involved.
Not the best but not the worst. It’s a bit under budgeted, and a majority of the staff is terrible. The teachers here are honestly terrible. They don’t care about the students, and just want to leave. Not all staff are like that; but most are...
After four weeks of begining school I decided to change my path and move to North High School after reviewing the benefits I could aquire. North is a great school. I feel that I'm in safe enviornment, and the students, staff, and facilites they offer are way beyond my expectations in a good manner.
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