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North St. Francois County R-I School District Reviews

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I loved every teacher that I have had at North County. My teachers have helped me (sometimes emailing me back quite late, staying after school, or even coming in a bit earlier than normal) with all that they can. They do not only help with their subject but they help with scholarships, financial aid, and/or college and career advice/ideas. The good environment allows students to focus on their work and learn well. We also have Chrome Books not which makes most aspects of school more efficient. The only negative aspect of this school that I personally see is the lack of class selection. Many classes are offered in many different subjects, however, as a student that has all the required types and amount of credits for high school I feel as if I have very limited options (none of which would be a first choice). Even then, there are still many classes for everyone. The school is accommodating and a nice place to spend most of my day.
In my time at North County High School, I was a three sport athlete and was in the top 10 of my class. I enjoyed the atmosphere of the school and all the friends that I had made. One thing I would change, however, is the teaching. In my personal opinion, some of the teachers are not properly preparing us for what college will be like. I also feel that the school focuses more on sports than the academics.
The teachers and the people are very nice and its an amazing learning environment. The classes are very interactive and there is always something to do.
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North St. Francois County does not have challenging curriculum. The only way to get any sort of challenge is by enrolling in Dual Credit classes. Many teachers make it impossible to fail their classes by giving out inflated As.
I absolutely love my school! It offers classes for everyone. All of the teachers truly want you to succeed and to proceed to a greater education.
I like the safety around here, they district ensures protection during school hours. What could change is maybe a little more involvement from the teachers in our college options.
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