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This school system has a bad drug problem, one of my piers had to do 30 hours of community service because he had marijuana on him.
North Smithfield School Department is an ebb and flow of great and bothersome times. It is well regarded for its academic and school culture. It has phenomenal teachers that care about the students and their success. Although the work load is often rigorous it helps prepare students for College. Many of the students have unique personalities and are always accepting of people no matter who they are. There are several school activities available, however, the school is not noteworthy for its diversity or athletic performance although it does well occasionally in sports.The main problem with the school include the lack of funding of the school as seen by the ancient classrooms and the schools poor lunch options offered. However, as of 2018 the school has begun redecoration of the school to be up to date with modern schools. With these problems aside, North Smithfield provides one of the best offers in Rhode Island for academic pursuits supported by a great community.
The atmosphere is definitely pleasant. No bullying or harassment. Most teachers are very qualified and make students want to come!
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Good education provided here, mostly good teachers, and an amazing music program. However, there is no diversity, maybe a small handful of Hispanic/Latinos and an even smaller group of black people. The cafeteria food is not far from being plastic, though some of it is good. The real issue that I have with this school is how it is full of cliques. Also that the school has many mechanical issues, but focuses on the cosmetic issues. The bathrooms are awful, the girl's bathroom stalls in the locker room don't close correctly, and will suddenly open. I appreciate the school trying to make the learning environment look better, but I would love for them to fix the bathrooms, water fountains, and sinks first.
Very small schools with mostly below average teachers. Technology is primitive but meets most needs. Teachers were easy to communicate with out of class and offered extra help.
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