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All three of our kids went through the North Shore school system from K to 12. They originally started at Glenwood landing and then moved over to Glen Head elementary when we moved to a new house then to middle school and high school. The only school we didn’t experience was Sea Cliff. They had a great experience academically, musically, and in athletics. They went on to Bucknell, Middlebury, and Lafayette colleges. The two oldest are in med school and the youngest is an engineer for Ford. We couldn’t have asked for a better education. Is was a perfect balance without the high pressure cut throat atmosphere that we heard about in some of the nearby districts.
I feel the teachers really care about each individual child. Everyone is always there for you whether you need extra help in class , just a question or help with a personal issue.
Overall, I absolutely adore the school district. We have been very pleased with our son's education, the faculty and the overall community.
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I really enjoy my highs school. The atmosphere is really great for learning and I have had great teachers for the most part. There is little diversity but I like the sense of community in the school. Everyone knows everyone e
Both socially and academically I struggled at North Shore. I couldn't fit in with materialistic values these kids seemed to have when I moved in elementary school. 97.9% of the district is white, entitled and spoiled. I gave 1 star for diversity instead of N/A because one year an Asian family moved to the district which was a culture shock to these people. High school was by far the worst-It's very clear the teachers in regents classes don't care about you. They're there to get paid and very few actually care about their students. The administration did the best they could and really tried to work to make the school better. The one good thing about NS is most of the funding and money goes towards athletics. Parents pour money into the Booster Club which supports varsity sports so the athletics is a plus- we do have an award winning cross country team that is really fabulous. The drama department/club is also worth mentioning. Sports and the Arts are heavily sponsored at North Shore.
I like that the academics offered at this school are incredible. They have such a wide array or electives and classes to take. However, there is a lot of favoritism at this school with sports and with kids who are the best in their class. They also claim to give students a voice, but they really don't.
The schools have a very intimate environment. The schools are extremely diverse. The lunch and breakfast program is very good with a variety of nutritional foods. There are many engaging trips. The teachers are qualified and helpful.
My elementary experience was okay. They changed programs a lot so I didn't feel my early education was good. When I attended North Shore Middle and High School I felt my education was great. I took technology courses for seven years. I was able to double up on History and English. Those are my favorite subjects. I was able to get help in the math and writing labs if I needed it. I also received a Merit award every year for community service. North Shore is very focused on community service and instilling leadership skills in their students. Overall my experience was very good. I got into the top three schools that I applied to.
Being a part of North Shore School District has had an amazing impact on my life. I could not imagine growing up anywhere else. The teachers, students and close knit community make this an incredible district.
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