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North Scott Community School District Reviews

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North Scott has a very good bullying policy, in that it is a no-tolerant policy. This is a big change from the school I previously attended and moved from because of the bullying. There are also clubs for pretty much any interest at North Scott and a wide variety of athletics and arts programs.
NS provides a safe learning environment where all students can find their niche that they belong to. There is a place for everyone at NS.
We have had children go through elementary, junior high and high school in the North Scott district. The teaching staff is caring and engaged with students. Wonderful community with many opportunities for students with extracurricular sports, theater and music programs.
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Teachers are awesome with students, they are always there to help and assist the students on any assignments or projects. The administration is very good at handling situations in a professional and timely manner.
I like that North Scott cares about their kids. The community is very close and can come together in hard times such as deaths.
North Scott is a great district and community. Academics, athletics, music and drama are all great and highly supported by the school and community. Virgil Grissom Elementary has been wonderful, both for the students and parents.
Academics are good, administrators are clueless. Sports are good. Teachers want you to succeed. Safe community. Dumb rules. Bad food.
North Scott has shaped me into the person I am today. This school is definitely more of a family than just a place I go to learn. I may get annoyed with certain rules every once in a while, just as I would at home. If you look at the bigger picture, I wouldn't rather go anywhere else. Everyone supports everyone, and success is the only option.
North Scott Community School District is a tight nit community that values its students education. Acadmeics and sports are very important in this is district, making students very competitive. It's not a very diverse community however the districts class sizes are growing majorly with each coming year.
I think North Scott is one of the best schools in the area as far as academics go and if students are looking for college preparation, the school has options for Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment courses. That being said, there is always room for improvement and I think students would appreciate a wider variety of advanced courses.
North Scott High School is largely a white community. It is a tight knit community that isn't very open to new individuals. However, the culture at the school is very supportive. Athletics are a fun thing to participate in, but there are only a couple service clubs that you may participate in--that's it. Sports get a little bit political as there are several parents who are paid coaches at the varsity level. All in all not a bad place. School cafeteria is being remodeled next year.
Overall, a very good school. Academics are strong and they offer a decent variety of classes. Unfortunately, I've experienced things that make me say that they sometimes put their sports programs before academics or other extra-curricular activities. Their foreign language courses are limited and I believe they only offer Spanish currently. They offered a good selection of college courses from Scott Community College. Most of the teachers are nice and adequate. Diversity is severely lacking. A majority white school but I believe the school has been putting in an effort to add more diversity. Regarding school culture, my experience was that it was a normal average high school. People separated themselves into groups based on interests and I think there was some bullying but not an excessive amount when dealing with immature students.
It is my first year in the North Scott Community School District. I immigrate from Ukraine a year ago, and finally got ready to start my education. I still have some problems with my English, but all of the college's teachers are very helpful and friendly to me and I very thankful for that.
This was a great school to attend. I received my Diploma in Dental assisting and it was fast and easy. Class sizes were small and we had good one on one attention. The financial Aid department was so nice and helpful. I would recommend them to anyone.
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