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North Schuylkill School District Reviews

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It’s an okay school, to say the least, but it could be so much better if we had the funds to do so. The school mostly focuses on sports rather than academics, a regular occurance in Schuylkill County schools. The school wastes money on televisions in the hallways instead of using it to buy supplies for the art program, and the school is in the process of getting a turf field for the football field. NS is the school equivalent of the Emperor’s New Clothes: Everyone knows they’re poor, but no one says anything about it. Well, I guess it’s good we’re not Shenandoah’s school district, right?
Teachers were wonderful although they did not handle bullying issues as stated. Smaller school so it was easier to get to know people and stay connected
The school has given me a decent experience in terms of relationships made with my peers and the average student in the district is very outgoing and welcoming. However, North Schuylkill is below average academically. Teachers are very nice and being a smaller school with class sizes typically being around 10-25 depending on the course you are taking, you develop close relationships with them, but some teachers have too laid-back methods of instruction, to a point where they lose control of their classrooms. Unfortunately, teachers who are like this overshadow the fantastic teachers in the school. In my five years in the junior/senior high school building, I have had many helpful teachers and two departments in specific, English and Industrial Arts, have exceeded all of my expectations.
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The school is not preparing us, as students for college. The giudance counselor are at the last minute asking students what they want to do after school. Colleges at this point already have student for the fall semester, and if the student is a senior, you need a hole criteria of things to get into college. Yet the counselor that are a sign to you, don’t inform about anything.
North Schuylkill offers a well rounded education to students with teachers who will drive them to be their best and will always support the student. The area is calm and nice, and the people are welcoming and helpful.
This school district is in a declining area in NEPA. Its politics first as usual. It actually used to be worse in the 80s and 90s with that type of deal. Teachers have a lot of challenges here being in a drug filled declining type area. All the old school teachers have retired and its a lot of millennials teaching so that could be good and bad. But the school lunches always rocked!
North Schuylkill has an excellent faculty that makes sure the students not only succeed in academics but in life as well. The school district is beautiful from the inside out with new renovations to ensure the students have a safe and educational environment. The diversity of students creates a brilliant atmosphere of friendly faces and bright minds.
Good mid-sized public school. Lots of new ronovations happening!! The teachers are super supportive and helpful. Wish they had a wider variety of food at lunch and they weren't as strick with the dress code.
The high school is small, and everyone feels like family. I have great relationships with my teachers and guidance counselor. It's cool to be a part of a smaller school where teachers actually taught my parents; there's not a lot of room for mischief that way.
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