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I liked that it's a relatively small school, so you really get to build connections with your teachers and peers. A change I'd like to see is more support and acceptance towards diverse students.
I am very involved with students and attending games and social events. The teachers are very friendly and I learn a lot about the subjects they teach because I know them better. North Sanpete has changed my outlook that anyone can succeed.
When I was involved I had friends, experiences, and I felt accepted! But if you don’t take advantage of what they offer then it’s not fun!
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I believe that North Sanpete is a very put together school. I also feel like I have learned more in this school then any other school I have gone to. I also feel like the teachers want you to learn and want to help you in any way they can. I also feel like the principal cares about you and wants to see you succeed.
I enjoyed the close, community feel of the school, and there are many opportunities that they give that I am sure that I could not have received elsewhere. Overall, it is a very accommodating and beneficial school.
The beauty of North Sanpete is it's size. A smaller graduating class meant that the students had a better opportunity of getting to know one another and forging friendships. Similarly, because the school is small, students have the opportunity of participating in a number of different athletics. Bigger institutions are far more difficult to acquire active participation in whatever sport an individual desires. I was a three sport athlete at North Sanpete, and can speak volumes for the experiences I had doing so. I learned more about myself and about life during my years playing ball in high-school than I have through any other means. If however, I were to change one thing about North Sanpete, it would be in relation to the level of college readiness students have upon graduating. I do feel that there are many ways that the instructors and administrators could better prepare students for the higher education ahead of them.
My experience at North Sanpete High School has been mostly good. There are many things that my school needs to improve upon; however, they are doing a great job considering how small they are. With just over 600 students, the faculty and staff are creating an environment that makes everyone feel welcome and safe. This is a great accomplishment that has not been achieved by schools with a much larger staff and higher trained professionals. Though there aren't a lot of classes available to me, I find my schedule full of classes that I love and would recommend to just about anyone. In the end, my school, North Sanpete High School, is small but is the perfect school for me and my peers.
I enjoy this school and the overall spirit that we have here. Everyone is ready to make friends, because we are a very tight-knit community. I was excited by the diversity of classes we have here. Although our school is large the faculty knows us by name, and cares for each of us individually. I have had an amazing experience at North Sanpete High School.
I like the sizes of the classes and the programs we have. It’s a pretty friendly environment and it’s easy to get along with almost everyone. The teachers are also, for the most part, really helpful, supportive, and good to work with.
It is a very good school. the teachers are the best and there are lots of amazing students. The sports are some of the best. overall this school is amazing.
North Sanpete school district has it’s strong spots and its weak spots. There are many things about the school that are better than others. We’re very into our sports and try our hardest to give each student the best education possible.
I like that it is small but some of the teachers are not very good. Some of the teachers are amazing and fun but a lot of the teachers just don’t care about anything. The students there are diverse but a little to diverse
Very friendly staff and faulty. Enjoyed the atmosphere. Have fun activities for the students to participate in.
The student to teacher ratio is well balanced. However, often the curriculum or class atmosphere doesn't push students.
In my opinion North Sanpete High was a judgmental school and did not really care about any sports except football and basketball i think all sports should be supported the same way.
I entered Fountain Green Elementary School in the fourth grade. Though the social environment was a little rough in the three years I was there, the teachers were usually fun and easy to get along with. They were also good at getting all of the students involved in events such as plays or celebrations.

Middle school generally gave me the same experience I had in elementary school. They were good at preparing us for future experiences such as typing, cooking, or writing a check. The only real complaint I had was the tolerance for disrespectful behavior.

In my freshman year of high school I was often encouraged to play a sport or join a club, but the only thing I ever joined was band. The fact that I was disappointed in my involvement was mainly my fault--not the school's. However, I was also slightly disappointed in the quality of education that was received. It was rare not to have a teacher who didn't care what they did in their classes just as long as they got the job done.
This school district has so many great things happening! The administration and teachers truly care about the growth, learning, and development of students. This is demonstrated by the support and resources given to teachers to succeed in their profession and offer quality education. Expectations for students are upheld academically and socially.
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I like north Sanpete of the Great Facilities and teachers who help me succeed for my future career. Also I attended high school in north Sanpete everything is great I have friends who help me with my homework and teachers who facilitate all the work to do it simple and easy for us to comprehend, learn etc the topic.
I like how small this school is, the teachers can have personal relationships with the students and I think that this gives us a better education when the teachers know you and care about you.
I almost every teacher, they all made me feel very special and not dumb when i didnt understand some of the concepts. However there were a couple of teachers who were also coaches and they picked favorites on the field making it very dificult to play some sports
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