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North Salem Central School District Reviews

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North Salem is a great school district..............................................................................................,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,....,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, It has great students and teachers that tend to your child’s needs.
North Salem was my school from kindergarten through twelfth grade. There were some good and bad things there. The food was not great as I got older and some teachers were so difficult to talk to.
I liked how supportive and kind everyone was. However, improvements regarding technology can be made.
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I loved the opportunity to take college level classes and gain access to a lot of tutoring in AP and SAT support that greatly helped me choose my college. However, I would like our high school to have a class for seniors that prepares them for college life in all aspects from academic to social situations. I also feel a review of sexual education needs to be looked at and a new health class needs to be developed that teaches students about safe sex and healthy life choices.
North Salem High School is a warm, welcoming community! Everyone is extremely caring and helpful towards one another and nobody is ever left behind. Although it is competitive when it comes to sports and academics, you can always be sure to get help from a teacher or fellow classmate. Each grade is highly accepting towards one another and since we are such a tight knit community there is rarely any bullying.
Like the academics and the people. Very athletic school and the teachers are great. Needs more technology implemented in the classrooms.
I've been in the school district since a very young age. Teachers, staff, and administration all go out of their way to help guide students on the path to success. The school has tremendous spirit and pride when it comes to all sports, so that's something that is very prevalent in North Salem.
Love the class sizes; teachers are helpful, especially with after school help.
I wish they had more activities (besides the typical musical or HS band) for those interested in music.
The safety at the school has come a long way and they are always working to improve it.
North Salem is a very small school, averaging less than 100 students per grade. The benefits of this are the closeness with peers and teachers, and the ability to make friends in all grades. The cons of a small school is the strong appearance of cliques. I have also noticed a very strong party atmosphere, which is sometimes accepted by some members of the staff. But, most teachers are very generous and well-educated in their area (and beyond).
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