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North Royalton City School District Reviews

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It is an old building, but they started to construct a new building which seems to be better the current school we have.
Good, fun-loving teachers. The food is okay and it has a low bullying count. Google reviews suggest it's "crunchy."
The teachers at the school make classes enjoyable while staying professional. The learning environment is extremely friendly, and teachers are always willing to individually help students when needed.

However, it can be said that the school lacks diversity.
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This school was great! The teachers were amazing and taught me everything I needed to know. All of the staff were very friendly to me. This school is very nice, however one downside was there was no air conditioning. However, there will be AC after the renovations are finished. Students were very entitled and could be mean, but that’s at any school. Very great education! I would 100% recommend this school for anyone.
North Royalton is a great school system. Have had a very positive experience. Will be nice to see the school once it has been renovated so there is more space and facilities available to the students.
When I attended NRCS, there was little chance at advancing in classes. More specifically, if you did not start taking advanced classes early on, you had little chance of advancing. However, the classes offered did help prepare me for college life, as well as for the work load.
I love North Royalton school district. I left there well prepared for college and my life after. I felt that I learned everything I needed to know and everyone was genuine. All of the teachers and staff was always willing to help each and every student at any time.
I loved my experience with the North Royalton City Schools. The school was great, the students were treated with respect, and our academic programs were amazing. We were given many opportunities to pursue our interests not only in school with clubs and such, but also outside the school (our counselors would often inform us of outside volunteering or career related programs).
I am currently a senior at North Royalton High School, but I have also formerly attended North Royalton Middle School, and RoyalView Elementary. These schools have certainly been very successful in shaping my mind through my years of adolescence. I've been taught by wonderful teachers and the learning environment has brought me very close to my friends.
The North Royalton school district, I believe, has taught me many things to prepare for life after school and when I'm on my own. In my senior year of High School, I feel completely ready for college thanks to the North Royalton School District. All of my teachers, K-12, have formed a relationship with me that I feel I can keep forever. The district offers many community events and countless extracurricular activities. All the support staff in the Royalton school district are also kind, caring people there to help mold the students.
The education that is given in the North Royalton City school district is quite possibly one of the best in the area, but the thoughtfulness and support given by teachers is extremely slim. not many of the teachers genuinely care about their students. With that being said, they had a lot to offer when it comes to music, sports and clubs, which makes it a fun place to be.
North royalton has an average range of sports and activities. Acedemics are average, but college readiness could use some work. Average safety, but overall the school district could improve in many areas. Although, it isn’t a bad school.
I feel they are very involved in helping our kids succeed. Weather its extra help , guidance , or lending an ear .I feel their caring goes above and beyond. I feel like our kids safty is put first .
The teachers were okay-- many of the math teachers had no idea what they were doing. The school principals were very strict-- the school was always monitored.
North Royalton offers a great variety of extracurriculars. My time with the NRHS band and track time has been a large part of making me who I am today as a person. I feel that my school is an overall safe environment with a good atmosphere. Although we do have several infamous classes, the ones that student pray they don’t get because of the truculent teacher, but then again I bet all schools have this problem. I am glad for the upcoming renovation of the school, but also disappointed I won’t be able to enjoy them due to the fact I’m a senior.
Had a great experience, wouldn’t change a thing! Enjoyed cheering for four years for the Varsity Cheerleading team~ made some really great memories at NRHS!
Most of the teachers were very good while the athletics and coaching were significantly worse. Overall, the experience at this school was very average. Much of the school is very "cliquey" and you always have those athletes who think they're better than everyone else. I would say NRHS provides an average high school experience, but I believe everyone has their own opinions.
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I liked meeting all of my friends at my school. I think North Royalton could use physical updates to the building. I also believe the school could be more involved with its students.
I like how the teachers are all willing to help students better themselves for the future. I also like how every teacher is unique in his/her own special way. One thing I do not like is how decisions are made to get into some competitive clubs. One club had decisions on who would get an interview if you knew and talked to the head teacher of it, causing myself not to get an interview as I did not know the teacher. Also, for a club that is national, some kids were chosen to be apart of it, even though they did not clearly stick to the rules of what you are able to put into your application. I followed the rules and did not get in. A few kids put down a leadership group from middle school, even though only high school events were allowed, and got in. The selection of who gets into competitive clubs is quite flawed.
I personally think that North Royalton has prepared me very well for college. The classes are not the easiest classes, such as AP and honors classes, but I have always believed it is important to challenge yourself in order to learn more. The teachers at North Royalton are excellent teachers, as they are not the easiest teachers, but they prepare you well for AP tests and future class material. North Royalton is a professional and respectful school, that has reasonable rules and guidelines regarding students and their actions/behavior/respect. North Royalton has made my high school experience fun, knowledgeable, and worthwhile, as I have grown into the young woman I am today through this school. I have not only learned academic knowledge and lessons, but I have learned important life lessons that I will always value.
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