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Its a great school. The faculty and students feels like a very tight community. We all care about each other!!
I appreciate the support I receive from teachers and my class principal. I also like the amount of clubs we have, which makes it easier for kids to make friends with similar interests. Because the school is so big it's very diverse. Lastly, the amount of ap/honors classes they offer help to build a stronger transcript for college.
NRHS provides readiness to its students by offering a fair amount of college prep opportunities. AP courses were abundant in all of the disciplines. At least 13 AP classes as well as many dual enrollment courses are available for student to pick and choose from. Sports play a major role in the high school experience here. I feel that a NRHS provides a well rounded high school experience where you have the chance to be as involved as you want to be. Diversity here prepares you for the real world. The faculty have a genuine interest in the students. I think school lunch could use some improvement as far as being a little more healthy and varied.
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Excellent facilities and some very qualified teachers. There are ultimately a few horrible staff members that can completely destroy the experience. In addition to this, the school culture of mass exclusion and contest is either ignored or encouraged by teachers. Also, blatant favoritism towards sports.
I grew up in the district. The schools I attended within this district helped to prepare me for my future along with mold me into the person I am today. I still keep in contact with so many of my prior teachers for advice and truly just to keep in touch because I loved them so much. It also formed my love for music which I carried through with me past high school. The people who attended school with me were very diverse in ethnicity, race, and personality. That in itself prepared me how to deal with all types of people in my careers plans and in college life. There were so many college and university courses available in high school as well. I had opportunities to learn how to row crew, while partaking in theatre, and running clubs like the writers club. I even had the chance to attend trainings to learn how to mentor children in a program known as Heroes and Cool kids.
North Rockland is a nice community for the most part. Great administration and teachers with a few exceptions. A good arts department, although it deserves more funding. The sports teams are amazing, but are treated better than any other aspect of the school. A semi good environment, could be better but definitely not a bad district.
I was a shy person And wish I can redo high school . There is many things I would have don’t differently thought. The school has a lot of clique and I didn’t feel welcomed in them. I did manager to find a group of people who had the same feelings.
I graduated from this school in 2018 and it’s always trying to make changes for the better. This school is very diverse and the teachers are really nice and supportive. Like every school they have things everyone can enjoy for example pep rallies, theatre and sporty games you could attend.
it's a really good school lots of help, very diverts , food is ok ,administration is good , i was never in a clubs but my friends were and they like it
the school is great, amazing teachers and try their best to make students enjoy their time while participating in academics. i wish they would start changing the way they view the school, although its important to look good so other families come to the district , they need to let students be more free and stop making school feel so similar to jail
North Rockland CSD is a great school district. My peers, as well as younger students are given so many opportunities to succeed. Throughout my schooling career, I've come in contact with so many amazing students and teachers, all of which whom were willing to help me. Our sports are amazing, and there are clubs and activities for all students.
Went to district from K-12. There are a few great teachers. A few! I don't feel like they are concerned with student success. Kids have graduated that cannot read.
It's a great school with amazing teachers and of course friendly students. It's a competitive school and promotes unity and love among students. North Rockland High School breeds a group of outstanding intellectuals/individuals. I am proudly a student of North Rockland High School.
I recently graduated from this school district. The schools had a lot of diversity and people to go to when you needed to talk. I can’t think of anything in particular the school needs to work on.
I attend NRHS and honestly it is an amazing school. Most of the teachers are very dedicated to their job and truly care about their students wellbeings and academics. There is a ton of diversity in the school and the amount of clubs can cater to almost any interest you have. It truly is an amazing school!
At North Rockland there are many ways clubs to get involved in. It is a great way to give back to your community, make new friends and learn new things. North Rockland is also very proud of their athletics. We support our athletes and wear our Raider red as much as possible. We also have great teachers who really encourage us and guide us with our transition to college.
My experience in North Rockland High School so far as a Junior has been very nice, the classrooms are filled with seats of opportunity everyday, the teachers are respectful. The staff and custodians are very outstanding when it comes to things around the school. The capacity of students is huge but everyone is in order. As a junior I believe that this is the best high school experience anyone could ever have. Especially with the vast amount of clubs and sports.
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I love my experience at North Rockland high school. To me it was a second home and a second family. Everyone feels so connected and theres always a place for you. Two major things i loved were the sports and the diversity the school has. It brings out the best character that you can.
My experience at North Rockland High School was an excellent academic experience. The classes are very diverse and the teachers are very qualified and do a great job of teaching. I never had a bad experience with any of the staff and our Principal and main Guidance counselor do an amazing job of running our facility. There are many clubs open to all students any age, race, and gender that are open for all interests. The is absolutely a zero tolerance for bullying and the school is very good at keeping on top of that policy. The school over all has a very safe environment and I have never had a complaint about my 4 years spent here.
North Rockland has a lot of opportunities for students, especially at the high school level. Students can take college level courses and receive college credits for them. They also offer tons of scholarships and offer a lot of help when applying to college.
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