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North Ridgeville City School District Reviews

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Some teachers are very good, but overall this school district has very poor educational plans, other districts have a more challenging curriculum.
Overall, my experience at North Ridgeville was a great one. The staff was very helpful in getting me prepared for my future life as I went off to college. I also enjoyed all my peers and thought that we were able to work collaboratively to achieve assignments and other tasks during school. They also created great relationships outside of school and I was able to connect with many parents.
I hope for a new high school pretty soon. There are some parts of the school that are gloomy and it makes it difficult to want to learn. I liked all of my teacher except a few that I had trouble with, but they were just trying to get me ready for my future.
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This is a great district with great teachers who care. They are always willing to help meet after or before school to help with assignments or questions. The classes are fun, however, I wish we had more language options and a couple ore class options.
Overall it's a good school system. I had issues with many teachers not accepting me for how I needed to be taught but most were problem free. College has corrected that as I have professors now who see that I think differently. It's a great change.
North Ridgeville City Schools are a good school district but they have flaws like any other school district. They just this year opened the K-8 academic complex next to the High School.
What I like the most about the school district is that the majority of the teacher's are very cool and down to earth with me and the other students. There however needs to be a lot of changes especially when it comes to the sports. All of the programs are going down the drain but know one will get fired because the coaches, the athletic director, and the board are all buddy, buddy with each other so no one will get fired.
Would like to see more college readiness classes and information. Also wish they had a hockey team like a lot of other local schools. But Mrs Bianca is awesome!!! Doesn’t get any better than her!!!
I have loved my experiences at North Ridgeville highschool and during my whole academic career in the district. I really enjoyed the people I was surrounded by and I had some amazing teachers along the way. I would like to see the appreciated more by the administration.
This is a place of good and bad across all the schools. The guidance counselors don't do their jobs. There's good and bad teachers. There's ineffective teaching strategies. There's awful communication. Just as an example.. Wake up at 6? You don't find out school's canceled till 6:01. However, food has improved a lot and there are a handful of good teachers. There is a large issue as the system does absolutely nothing about bullying. I've talked to teachers and it went all the way up to the principle and nothing changed. It's not the worst school ever but it by far is also not the best and they need a lot of improvement. The place does not teach you a thing for college and they love saying that they do. I would say a lot more but there is a limit in how much I can say. On the up side they are adding clubs...
I moved to North Ridgeville as a junior in high school and suddenly realized there wasn't many clubs to join. Many were small single issue clubs like gaming or LGBTQ. These are all fine but just not for me. I joined the volleyball and track team and felt as if new coaches were needed as they were unfair and a little too old for the job. The teachers are 50/50. Some are fantastic and some are awful theres no in between.
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