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This school system is one where you get out exactly whatever you are willing to put into it. Most students do not fully utilize all that is given to them and i feel like this is the result of their short comings. Those who are willing to apply themselves and put in the work will get so much more from the schools than those who are contempt with barely getting by. I cannot thank my parents enough for enrolling me here as it has provided me with many paths and opportunities here that i do not see as present in many other school communities.
Would be nice to see a better utilization of funds and resources. There are so many areas of the school and tools that could be used to enhance the learning experience but are just sitting around instead.
I have been a student of the North Reading Schools K-12. I loved everything about it. From my 4th grade science fair to traveling to Texas to represent North Reading in the National Cheer Conference. They have prepared and help guide me to my future career choice as a nurse. I will be studying at MCPHS. I sat in on a biology course during my accepted students day. One of the nursing students told me not to worry if I didn't understand anything because this was second semester, which was harder than what we learned in high school. I was excited to tell her that I understood everything quite well because we studying the same thing this semester in my AP Bio course as a senior in high school. This made me very proud to be from North Reading. Please consider me for this scholarship.
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Overall I did enjoy my experience at North Reading High school but I do believe there could be changes to improve it. We spent so much money building this new school yet we don't put good use to many of the new resources we have such as the seminar rooms and the big plasma TVs that are not at all used but there. Also I believe that punishment at this school does not make sense bad students that are failing classes can get caught in bathrooms using nicotine products and all they get is a warning where as honor roll students who have never been in trouble can make one mistake such as sitting on a friends car and be suspended for three days and have it put on their record. I believe their punishments do not make sense and they need to improve their administration to a more fair manor.
Great school system. They have great support for students with disabilities and IEP. Some of the elementary school buildings are on the older side they still serve their purpose well.
North Reading High School has prepared me for my future more than I could ask for. The teachers are mostly very helpful and wish to see you succeed but can also be very hard on the students. There is usually a large amount of workload and it is a very competitive school.
To be completely honest I had the best experience going through North Reading's Public Schools. There was never a teacher that I did not get along with. Everyday was a new and great experience. Due to these schools I was pushed to reach my highest potential and ready to take on college. I was not only prepared for college but also for life. Without this schooling I can definitely say I would not be where I am today.
In terms of academics, sports and the staff its fine, but to frank the school claims to create an environment that is welcoming and safe and while bullying and other acts of that type are almost unknown the community is anything but welcoming or at least that's what I experienced. I also never really participated in sports or clubs.
North Reading High School's education system is fantastic and I feel so ready for college! The teachers are so helpful and there are many recourses at all students disposal.
I attended a private high school and transferred my junior year, and North Reading is academically superior in comparison.
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