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North Providence High School is an experience I will always remember. It has helped me to grow and make memories that will last a life time. The work is challenging and the teachers care to help you grow and become successful. I have formed bonds with not only my peers, but with my teachers and administrators. I have been prepared for the real world and will miss it extremely.
North Providence High School, above all, seems to value the well-being of their students. First, the school demonstrates this through academics; where they provide different mandatory days of the week where teachers stay after school to provide help. Second is safety, the school is routinely updating parents about school activities and any major matters that occurred or concerned the school premise. Overall, North Providence High School puts their best foot forward in heeding the growth of their students. However, unperfect the school may be as an individual I proudly represent it.
The teachers are very helpful, but the administration authorities lack in such fields. Bathrooms are not clean and classrooms/hallways are not much better. The academics are great. As a student I can confirm that I am able to learn a lot throughout a school year.
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The North Providence School department does whatever they can to provide a safe, nurturing, and challenging environment within their schools. This allows the students to develop into well- rounded individuals who are life long learners and productive members of society.
North Providence High School had it’s ups and downs. Overall, the teachers are good with the acception of a few not so great teachers. Administration did a good job of keeping the school in order although there were issues with the principal in regards to relationships with the teachers. The food was okay, nothing special but we have vending machines which was pretty cool. Our athletes director paid no mind to any of the teams other than the football team (which he coached). NPHS is a good school with a diverse amount of clubs and extracurricular activities.
The North Providence School Department, is a well developed school district with multiple resources and amazing teachers and administrators. While in schooling here, I can truthfully say that this district is very accommodating towards giving students a choice to what they would like to learn and are very keen on helping students strive in the future world. As a senior in this school district, I feel qualified to say that North Providence has provided me with a great education and guided me towards becoming a better person in society.
What I like about North Providence is that there is more than just academics, there are activities and clubs that can satisfy any student needs. For example, there is a club that is dedicated to the student that has trouble at home and talk about their situation in a healthy environment. Another is a club that inspires students to test at the journalistic skills and publish there writing on the school's site. However, there are things to change in the school like for instance student and faculty relations. I understand teachers are busy and have multiple classes, but I still feel like there should be a more personal way of teaching. As for each class, they should understand how the majority of the class works and input a style of teaching that'll be more effective to help students obtain subject information and apply it to the real world.
I have met so many wonderful people who have changed my life for the better. Four years go by so fast. You blink and go from freshman to senior year. It’s crazy.
The North Providence School Department empowers their students to follow their goals and dreams, and truly prepares them along the way. The administration and guidance department cares for their students as well as treating them fairly. The students apart of the NPSD are diverse and welcoming of others, they create a positive experience for everyone.
The school overall is pretty good. It’s not the best but it’s up there. I feel that I have gotten a good education from the four years at this school.
NPHS has an excellent faculty who care about the students and about their grades and work hard to help all students.
I like how involved the teachers are and all of the extracurricular activities available. I also feel very safe at my school. What I would change is the food because I find that many kids including myself complain about the quality.
North Providence High is a great school with many opportunities to join sports, clubs, and academic activities. The teachers have a clear love for their job and help students to the best of their ability with any concerns they may have. The school is also a safe environment where the administrators will immediately punish anyone who disobeys school policy. Overall, North Providence High is a very caring, challenging, and encouraging school with the students' graduation and success always the top priority.
I feel that the North Providence School department tries their very best to give students that don't have tons a money a fighting chance. They do their best when dealing with lower funding and most teachers really enjoy their job.
This is a great town to send our kids to school in. They care very much about our children. Our town is very hands on and involved in our children's education. We are constantly making improvements to our school system.
I have been a student in the North Providence School District since kindergarten. The school department overall does a great job of taking care of students and keeping families informed about what's going on. I've been lucky enough to have really great teachers throughout my time as a student, and they have all been willing to accommodate to help others learn in ways that work best for them.
My experience at North Providence High School has been pretty good. I have a lot of fun on the sports teams and in clubs and sometimes in the even in school. I wish we had more out of school events to go to and i wish we had more of a say where we could go. For instance instead of the senior class trip on a boat maybe it could be somewhere we all decide. Also dances could be themed. I have gotten a decent education there as well and my skills classes do help with preparing for college but senior project is a huge burden when trying to focus on college. If senior project didn't have as many components and was not as serious we would be able to focus on college more. This is more important because it is our next step in life. I have enjoyed my time at North Providence High School.
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