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I really enjoy going to North Polk High School. I have been attending the since kindergarten. The best part about it is growing up with the same friends and people. The teachers treat you like family and you are always left feeling like you matter.
Overall I've enjoyed the experience of high school. The community is growing very fast, and created difficulties for the district. I like most of the teachers, and appreciate all the activities available. I've been taking AP classes and appreciate the ability to do so and get ahead on some college credits. Like most schools there are social challenges with teenagers and adults alike. But my perspective is to focus more on how I am and what I can control and a little less about the expectiations of othrs.
North Polk offers a very positive atmosphere and has teachers who are passionate about what they do.
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I have been attending North Polk Community School District since kindergarten, and I attribute a large part of my personal development and character to my teachers and advisors. My elementary physical education teacher, Mr. Jungman, introduced me to the value of nutrition and fitness, which led to a life-long passion and declared major in dietetics. Many of my academic teachers, from elementary school through high school, have inspired me to dedicate myself to superior educational success. They have pushed me to not only be proficient, but exemplary. My educators have taught me that, without enjoyment, learning becomes trivial. I am certain that the passion for learning instilled in me while at North Polk will continue into my college education and into my future career. I cannot believe I will soon have to say goodbye to the people who have helped make me into the person I am today, and I am lucky to have been able to attend such a supportive and contributive school district.
Overall, going to North Polk has been a good experience. For as small as the school is, there are many opportunities to further your knowledge. The teachers want us to succeed and help us in doing so.
I loved how small it is and how everyone gets to be involved in everything. Everyone is nice and helpful to your needs. Teachers are always willing to help you and they care about you.
The teachers are wonderful, they are more than willing to get you whatever you may need to enhance your learning experience. The new school and facilities are great, high quality.
The school cares about its students and puts in an effort to make sure that they succeed. The effort that students put in they'll receive from the staff. Only issue is possibly overcrowding but the new school is doing its best to fix that.
This school has fun caring teachers who care and will do any thing for the students and the district has many fun activities for the students to do during the year and has a great new modern high school and always working to make the schools and facilities the best they can be and constantly renovating during the summer and have great academic goals almost all students graduating and always trying their hardest and the teachers setting appropriate goals but still challenging the students and teachers are always thinking for the student.
North Polk is an all around great school for any age kid. The thing I like most about North Polk is that the school is small enough that you know everyone in your grade, but big enough that you meet new people from other classes.
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