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North Pocono School District Reviews

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North Pocono is a great school that cares about the students and preparing them for college. They offer a large course selection for students in high school
Despite being a great school academically, the environment and social aspect of the school is very bad
I found North Pocono School District to be a wonderful school for the time I was a student there! I do not go there anymore as I've found cyber-schooling works for me personally, however, it was a wonderful experience! The teachers are passionate about what they do, which rubs off tremendously on the students. The sports portion of it is great as well! They take any form of athletics very seriously and push their students to do their best.
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Love my school district. So many opportunities for everyone in various areas of study. Great teaching staff, administration. Many classes offered in AP, Accelerated, general education and even Vocational Technical.
North Pocono is a great school district that always ranks high in academics. Majority of teachers really care and put in great effort. So many well-run clubs, sports and activities.
I like many aspects if North Pocono. I believe they prepare you very well for the next level if you have the correct teachers. Some teachers lack and others accel.
North Pocono offers a challenging curriculum and diverse course offerings. The teachers are very accessible and approachable for resources and additional help. Faculty go out of their way to encourage students and make necessary accommodations to allow for growth, improvement and optimal learning
The school was pretty average as public schools go, but that the only average thing about North Pocono School District. The teachers are both caring and understanding and make sure you understand the material. The classes are not to crowed so everyone gets the attention they need. Each teacher is more than capable to make sure you earn the best grade possible. They also prepared me for college extremely well.
North Pocono educates and challenges all students to their maximum potential and prepares them for the demands of a global society. Their academic program is top notch and is facilitated with friendly staff who look out for their students. North Pocono also provides students a plethora of opportunities for extracurriculars, clubs, and organizations to be a part of. Students learn and develop into young adults who are ready to advance society.
I've been to 8 different schools in my educational career and North pocono is by far the best I've been to. I feel very prepared for collage
North Pocono has provided a safe, caring, and enjoyable environment for the past 12 years of my life. I am proud to say North Pocono is my school district, and feel prepared to take on the next 4 years of my life furthering my education at college. My teachers made me feel confident and gave my an education I know I can count on. There is nothing I would change about my school, or my education.
The teachers were great and definitely helped to prepare me for college. There are many AP classes available, and there are so many after school clubs and sports to take apart in, there is definitely many ways to take up your time.
I enjoyed my academic career here. I never had any major issues with teachers, the community is great, and the opportunities offered here have helped shape me into the person I am now.
My high school experience was a good one. While I didn't enjoy every teacher I had, I respected them to a degree. North Pocono offers a wide variety of quality academic opportunities, which i feel is most important in a high school. I was lucky to go to North Pocono, because it has an amazing art program. I am going to be attending the Savannah College of art and design this upcoming fall and thanks to the art program, I won't be lost.
The North Pocono School District has many Advanced Placement classes to challenge me throughout my high school career. The variety of clubs and sports also gives ample opportunites to be involved with other students. The faculty are supportive and available for any questions I may have about a particular subject.
I have been going to North Pocono since I was five years old. Each year I felt I was easily prepared for the next year, and in my senior year I am confident that I am well prepared for a higher education. North Pocono is a mainly white community with mainly Polish, German, Italian, and Irish backgrounds. There are some magnificent teachers within the district, but as always there are some teachers that are horrible. Overall I have enjoyed my experience and would recommend this district to anybody looking for a thorough and committed education experience.
North Pocono is a beautiful school and very close knitted community. I’ve had nothing but positive experiences from here and would very highly recommend it.
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The teachers are always looking to help the students and going out if their way to help each student to succeed in their classes. They prepare each student for college very well and always willing to lend a helping hand.
I have attended school in the North Pocono School District throughout my entire school career. Every year I am placed with amazing teachers who spend a large portion of their time making sure that students like me understand the academic topics of the courses and that we are prepared for the difficulties of college. The atmosphere of the high school is outstanding; I have made so many friends and memories here that I will never forget for the rest of my life
North Pocono School District was great. I felt very prepared for college coming out of north pocono. I would recommend if anyone had any questions about maybe going to a private school over north pocono that they go to north pocono.
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