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I don't feel as though this school prepared me for college in the slightest but they did offer duel credit which was a major advantage.
I feel like its a great school great environment but maybe we could focus more about real life knowledge instead of things we probably won't really use for the future. We have devices now that help us complete day to day tasks, but I guess it is useful not relieing on something also I think we could make a better program to fit every kids needs. To fit every kids needs we would need a lot of people getting involved because each kid is unique and special in society though I feel us kids are not really treated as individuals with our own personalities. Instead of being individuals we are grouped up and taught the same things, treated the same way, and just in general respected the same way because of our generation and our society. I just believe we can mame a difference. Thank you for your time I could go on but I would be rambling.
There are a lot of good teachers at this school, I'm currently a senior here and I think my years at the high school where good
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Overall the school spends way to much time with the sports and doesn’t give any other extra cuticular activities time or money. Too many students in each class. Not a lot of one on one time with the teachers. Each class is 90 minutes long without a break since certain students got in trouble making it to where the whole school wasn’t aloud a break. Felt like a prison at some times. We are locked in the cafeteria during lunch. They have the stairs blocked off and you can’t leave the area. There are some good things. Certain teachers take the time to help you and pay attention to all of their students. Other teachers focus on the athletic students that are involved in sports, mainly because the teachers are also the coaches.
NPHS is a school that lets you grow and become your own individual. There is many opportunities available and everyone is welcomed to join clubs, sports, musicals, etc. NPHS is what you make it and if you strive for greatness then you will get greatness and all the help you need out of NPHS. Go Bulldogs!!
I would like to see our teacher care more and offer to help us when we need it. I would also like to see our school care about more career fields besides medicine and welding.
North Platte Public Schools is decent. There is some great teachers and administrators but there’s also some bad ones. The buildings are nice and the food can be alright. The main issue is the education itself and the lack of motivation students have.
The grade school teachers are great. The high school teachers... most need to be replaced.
I had one teacher in high school who was constantly contradicting himself during class. He'd say, "soundwaves can only go up and down. No other direction just up and down." Then he'd finish out the class with, "remember, soundwaves can only go side to side," and get angry when we all got confused.
I had another teacher who would openly admit she didn't know the first thing about any of the classes she was teaching. She'd stand up there while we were taking notes and say, "I don't really know how to do this... but... I think it's like this."
That being said.. I had some awesome high school teachers who were great at teaching their subjects. I had an English teacher who taught duel credit classes and took it veey seriously. She made the class very challenging but still took the time to teach us everything we needed to know before moving on.
I liked the sense of community in North Platte Public Schools, as well as the excellence of the arts programs there. This includes the Music Program (our Marching Band, Orchestra, and Choir are all excellent), the Journalism Program, the Art Program, Speech and Debate, Theater, and the yearly Musical. Some things I would like to see change include: the pre-conceived notions of student's capabilities based upon their last names, the intense focus and unfair division of funds to the sports programs (and not even all sports), nicer laptops for students to use, improved funding in non-sport related extracurricular activities, improved counseling resources for students, improved mental health awareness and resources for students, a specific program implemented to help troubled youth, more college readiness programs/courses offered, change in the block schedule so kids can take more classes.
I truly enjoyed going to school at North Platte High School. There were great teachers and students that truly wanted to learn. There were however some drawbacks. There were multiple times when the school principals had trouble agreeing and compromising with students. But, what school does not agree with eye to eye with certain students?
More class options and smaller class sizes. Wish they had open campus for juniors and not just seniors. Lots of bullying in all grades and nothing being done about it.
North Platte Public Schools provided me with the opportunity to obtain 26 college credits before actually attending college. This saved my family and I thousands of dollars and the education provided is outstanding.
Too big, teachers had no clue who you were, weren’t invested in students. New block scheduling is awful and does not truly prepare youth
I have attended North Platte public schools my whole schooling career. It has been very pleasing to me, it has been easy to fit in with other kids and the teachers are all very enjoyable. There are also many opportunities in middle school and high school including sports, music, and much much more. The high school building in general is a very nice complex. There is a nice new turf field for sports like football and soccer and a new track for the cross country kids and track stars.
The only thing I would change about the school is that I would have added a pool for the swimmers like myself. The swimmers have to go to the public rec center and practice while many schools have their own pool in their building. I also don't think that it is fair that one of our coaches is not being paid when she has the most experience of the three.
I would like to see more student support in everything, not just the sporting events. More money given to the music departments and musical. More one and one time with teachers and more involvement of them.
Not a bad school system and I always felt safe and the teachers for the most part cared about their students but the students didn't really care much about their grade performance or getting involved in activities or clubs. However the athletics for the most part were below average and the clubs rarely did anything.
The teachers in the North Platte Public school district were fantastic. However, I found safety to be an issue. The public high school did not take bullying seriously. I would want my child to be prepared for college, while attending safe schools prior. North Platte Public Schools could improve upon their school security and getting involved quicker, and fixing problems more efficiently. As a graduate from North Platte High School, I would love to see these changes in the future.
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The last 12 years of my North Platte Public Schools District experience has been a great one. Throughout the years I have looked up to many teachers as they have helped me learn and grow. The district provides a safe and comfortable environment in every school for it's students. The years have flown by and I have enjoyed the entirety of my time in this community.
I like that it offers a fair amount of opportunities for students to get involved in activities. I dislike that there is a strong sense of double standards and a lack of acknowledgement for those who do well consistently.
For the great majority of my primary education, my experience in North Platte Public Schools was good. There are good teachers and bad teachers and good classes and bad classes like any school. I only have one major complaint. During my time in the district, there was zero opportunity for students looking to enter agriculture. For a school in central Nebraska, this is a little disconcerting. If you're not planning on working in Ag I would say that this is largely a place that encourages growth and creativity for all people.
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