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North Platte County R-I School District Reviews

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I loved my time at North Platte! The teachers really helped you to succeed! I could talk to any of my teachers about anything from sports to school! This school really made my experience grade! I loved playing sports here, it was always fun. I felt as if I came out of North Platte prepared for college and life.
We love our teachers and school community at North Platte! Being small and rural means you get to know people quickly, and we've found everyone to be very friendly. Academics seem to equal our previous big city school, but with the added benefit of small class sizes and more teacher attention. A big plus is the limited time spent on electronics in the classroom. There are excellent academic clubs available. Athletics are open to all students, with great coaches focused on building charater instead of pressuring students to win.
While not the world's best school, it's good for parents who want to raise kids in a rural environment away from most busy cities and danger. There's very few things to worry about, the district is small, and there's a bus route from nearly everywhere. There are three different buildings for each grade grouping (Elementary, Intermediate, Junior/High school) and each one is unique for the students attending.
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I love the spirit of North Platte and the support it gives all its students. I have gone to North Platte for all of my schooling so far and all the teachers I have ever had have been the nicest people you will ever meet.
I have had a great experience at this community friendly college. I would recommend this high school. The teachers and staff for North Platte High School are very caring and know every kids name. We are ranked one of the best high schools to receive the best education.
North Platte is a small school with lots of education and social opportunities. The one thing I would like to see improve here is more classes and more advanced technology.
Teachers are there for you. Small school living. Can be a dual sport athlete. Not the best high school, but a good people to grow up around. teachers are mentors here, willing to help your wellbeing.
North Platte is a school that is perfect for students that learn better from one on one attention. The faculty are always willing to help you with anything that you may need. Whether it be help on homework, or just needing someone to talk to, you can count on them.
I love the faculty here at North Platte, they are very attentive and make sure to never leave any kid behind. If someone is struggling they are always sure to get them the help that they need. As for the extra-curricular, in both clubs and sports, aspect there are not many options.
My favorite thing about North Platte is that it is a small school. Many students would not like to attend a school so small but that is why I enjoy it. Going to a small school allows you to know everyone and have real connections with fellow students and teachers. Even though I like North Platte does not mean that everyone else does. The support and love for the small school is something that could use a change. Teachers care about the students because they have more one on one time. Students work together to figure things out. Lastly, the community bans together in times of need. North Platte has been a great school to my family and myself.
Overall, my experience was good at North Platte. There are things to be improved all around. There aren't a whole lot of options when it comes to classes and clubs because the school is so small and I understand funding is limited.
I really enjoyed going to small school! Even though we did not get a lot of funding because of our size, my school still made it work. My school provided use with all the necessary classes and also Dual-Credit classes for us to start our college education early.
This school has very limited opportunities. If you are not into basic sports/extra curricular activities like football and basketball this school is not for you. There is very little diversity, but the teachers are normally willing to help out if you are in there good graces.
A very safe learning environment, we have random drug testing but it doesn't happen very often and we haven't had any issues with it in a while. There hasn't been a fight at school since I was a freshman. We have a fantastic counselor, who is overextended but will still take time to help solve individual's problems if you go to her. The college prep classes range from extremely easy classes that are basically a joke, to extremely difficult middle of college level classes. The students vary from very nice to not so nice, but it's like that everywhere. I'd say I am fairly prepared for adult life, like we did have to learn how to balance a checkbook. The food has been getting better. Our new technology guy is very good, and we have been updating our technology every few years now. All and all, the school district has been improving the last few years and seems to be keeping on that trend.
North Platte was great. The teachers are all caring and try their best to help students. There are tons of opportunities to get involved with something at school.
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