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North Plainfield School District is very diverse yet also very supportive of its people. Each student is free to share their talents and bless their classmates with their talents in our talent shows and cabarets and etc., so it creates a safe environment for creative and self-esteem building.
I would not change anything about the school except create and increase better food choices. Healthier food choices should be incorporated.
I liked going to school here and got along with my fellow school mates. I didn’t see much bullying. However, I wish there was more programs for students.
I never heard people saying good things about this school but as an alumnae I have little to no complaints. I had a very good time here and always felt secure. Whenever I needed any sort of help someone was always there. All schools follow a curriculum so it was average but other than that it felt like home and I am proud to be a North Plainfield Alumnae.
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My experience at North Plainfield was good I enjoyed meeting new people, being able to get help from teachers when needed, and I love the diversity of the school.
I was very pleasantly shocked by the diversity and inclusiveness of NP but, like any other high school student I do think they need better food
I attended North plainfield high school when I was a senior, academically wise I think is a good school, seniors are more relaxed when it come to homework and classwork unless you take AP classes, also they do have senior privileges such as leaving for lunch and leaving early. They have a variety of classes such as ceramics, dance, art, cooking, and sewing class. The school is very Diverse and has a happy environment.
I have been a student in the district of North Plainfield since pre-school. Now being a High School Senior, reflecting on my experience, I've always appreciated North Plainfield's diversity and culture. In about every friend group you will find students of all races, ethnicities, religions and cultures. I think its something extremely special about North Plainfield that gives their students a greater acceptance of people from different places. However, I do wish that North Plainfield does work on bettering their academics and college readiness for students efficiently. They have definitely shown effort, however are not providing students with enough resources to be successful after graduation.
I liked how it was a very diverse community and how as I grew up within the district, the care and dedication to the students by the teachers continually increased.
North Plainfield was a very diversified school. There are many clubs and in the last year, North Plainfield High School implemented a lot of student involvement with running events. However, there is a need to push students harder and prepare them for college with efficiency. There should be preparatory classes or workshops to headstart students for college during their sophomore year. Guidance should be more involved.
The school is quite small compared to other but this only allows us students to know almost about every staff and student. this allows us to have close relationships with friends and teachers, allowing us to interact with each other quite often. It is a very diverse school so being around everyone is comfortable and reassuring. The education at this school is excellent and the communication between teachers and students is present. Our school spirit is strong and supportive for each other.
NPHS is overall an average high school. My experience has been full of pretty big high's but also pretty big lows. The administration has been overall average in addressing my issues and concerns and from my experience require parent involvement in order to be as efficient as possible. As to be expected school lunch tastes pretty bad and isn't always the most healthy of foods. However, I feel academically, I have recieved a lot of opportunities, largely due to the teachers. North Plainfield is an extremely diverse town, so I wasn't surprised that NPHS was so diverse. Being exposed to many different cultures and ideas from across the world is something I really appreciate and is exclusive to NPHS when compared to the surrounding towns and high schools. I never really participated in sports but the events are always fun and clubs and activities are plentiful in NPHS. Overall, I feel a little behind in the college search and I've learned things that no one in the school told me.
The best part is the school district is very diverse and there are so many clubs/school activities to participate in.
North Plainfield is a smallish town near big city Plainfield, with teachers and staff from there who really care about the students.
Gives low-income students opportunities to succeed. Minor issues with carelessness in terms of preparing students for college and the guidance department. Occasional fighting
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