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What i liked about it is that it is a good school to bring your kids to and register. They were very organized on the academics scores and they prepare you for college it is a great school to go to and learn and be apart of something! I am glad that I am graduating from there!
All schools have negative aspects, but my school is the best! The faculty and staff are great, and we have a great choice of subjects and vocations and clubs.
I have been to North Pike Schools majority of my school years. Compared to other schools I have attended it is a high expectation school district. The staff always holds the students to higher standards and are willing to adjust to any problems that may occur. I could not imagine going to a different school. North Pike has made my high school years easy and joyful. I am grateful for everything my school provides me with.
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My experience at North Pike High School is very neutral. They are very good in the academic department and like to help students if they are having a hard time.
My experience at North Pike has led me to many great life lessons, and great friends! I wake up everyday looking forward to furthering my education. I recommend anybody wanting to start school here!
North Pike High School is like a normal high school but out of the other local schools it has to be one of the best. The classes are small and it can be easy to reach out to a teacher for more help. I had no problems with this school
North Pike School district offers various amounts of academic opportunities to the students. The teachers, as well as the entire staff, truly care for the students' future.
North Pike High was honestly an outstanding experience educational wise. Every school has there share of drama so honestly it’s like any other high school that someone would go to. The school is VERY open so it’s not hard for someone to come onto campus. Growing up through the school system we always had other kids from Southwest Community College walk over and just chill with us during lunch. The school system is fair and they give everyone a fair chance. I would recommend North Pike High to anyone. We currently have a “B” in our school system while everyone other school district around us has a “D” or “F”. I am proud to become a 2020 North Pike graduate.
When I attended north pike I received the best education and I was prepared for college. The teachers really care about their students and will go above and beyond. The sports are great and they offer some college courses to help you get a head start on your degree. Some of the facilities need some updating but overall the school looks nice. They have recently finished some new additions and remodeled some things. Overall this is a great school to send you children too. I plan on sending mine there in a few years. North pike has grown a lot in the past few years. I expect they will continue to grow and provide excellent education
I like that the teachers do not just prepare you for state testing, they also prepare you for the ACT and college/after-college life.
The school has a great staff. They are always willing to help if you are willing to work. The food is what the movies depict as school food. The administration handle every situation with perfection. It is a wonderful school.
North Pike is an amazing school!! This school offers the best education in Summit, MS! The teacher and staff are very involved and determined to make sure students comprehend what they are taught! They also offer courses to lead you on your college and career path in the Career and Technical Center!
Incredible experience! The atmosphere of the school is second to none, and teachers are more than just teachers. They truly care for the well being of every student and the furtherment of each child's career, whether that is in college or a job. The support received from this school was truly tremendous.
I have went to north pike from kindergarten to now my junior year at which I have elected to take more classes to graduate this year. I would recommend this school to anyone.
They want you to succeed . They believe every student is equal and they treat them the same they food isn’t the best but they try their best we aren’t a big school . But we try our best too be known as the best
The teachers have been amazing but administration and office staff ruin a parent’s experience in this district. They are rude, condescending, and unwilling to realize the difference in policy and reality. The only positive interaction I’ve had with administration was with the principal at the middle school. He is the only reason I went with the 2 rating instead of a 1.
North Pike provides students with an exceptional education experience. There are several arts programs, such as the band and theatre programs, but I wish to see them treated and funded as well as the athletics. North Pike is overall a great choice of school.
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North pike is a great school, and I will truly miss the school after I graduate. The teachers and administrators at North pike have had a wonderful impact on my life, and I value the time I have spent enrolled at this wonderful school.
I loved the teachers the overall experience at North Pike. But I would to see more expansion happen at the high school. It's growing so fast and rooms are getting packed.
North Pike presents plenty of opportunities for students to get involved on its campus. The teachers are very attentive to each and every student in regards to class room behavior. One of the newer organizations that students are given the opportunity to join is the Superintendent's Advisory Council. This council allows students to have one-on-one meetings with the superintendent to let him know of different ways to improve the campus from a students point of view. This is a prime example of one of the various amounts of way North Pike displays its concern and care for the students. North Pike has an overall very nice school district.
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