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North Penn school district has help me a lot through the years. I have a learning disability and they made me an IEP to help me get through school. I had accomindations to help me with tests. The teachers and administration were very helpful and helped me with get through school. They taught me a lot when I was there and I am very thankful.
It has been one of the best experiences of my life thus far. The classes are challenging if you push yourself and the resources are always there to help you. Get involved and do your best.
My experience has been amazing at North Penn. I have made so many memories through sports and clubs. Not only have I made memories but also, I've made great strides academically. North Penn has a fantastic staff and does very well in molding their students into fine young adults who are ready for the real world.
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I have had two of my three children go through North Penn, my 3rd is in 5th grade. The support is there from both the teachers and the administration. Our Elementary school was struggling with inclusion last year but the administration was open to parents concerns and corrected policy. Very Good District.
Each teacher works hard to secure students success. North Penn has a wide variety of clubs, and if a club is not offered you can create one. The sports are always a ton of fun. The resources the school offers are great; each students gets a chromebook. The art and music department work hard to entertain students and keep creativity alive.
North Penn high school is a great place to be. There is much diversity throughout the school including many different ethnic clubs. The teachers put their students before anything else. Overall an amazing school and makes me not want to graduate.
Great staff who work to help students succeed! Working together to make diversity and inclusion their main goal. Wonderful district!
North Penn High School is from 10th to 12th grade and is a very large school with around 3,000 students. The school offers many opportunities like various extracurricular activities and many diverse classes so there is always something for every student .
I think North penn high school is a good school that wants to see its students succeed. The faculty are always available after school and are happy to help kids that are seeking help. Also, the teachers are really good, you might have one or two “okay” teachers, but more often than not, you will have a teacher that knows the material and has a great personality. There is nothing major that I would change about North Penn.
Great availability of a variety of classes, especially AP courses and art classes. Diverse and large student body.
North Penn School District is one of the best in the area. I have currently involved my three children. My family loves North Penn.
There are a lot of activities and they have a variety of higher end classes available to take. Everyone is so willing to help, as long as you ask for it.
It is a great school with a lot of great teachers that want you to succeed. I wish the facility was cleaner and newer but it is great. It has prepared me for college and challenged me to do my best! There are so many activities and the sports teams are always so good, but hard to make. I would recommend this school to anyone who doesn't mind there being 1,000 students in their class!
Overall, I have enjoyed North Penn so far. As long as you try your hardest, they have resources to help you in any way possible. You can join one of the hundreds of clubs. You can really throw yourself into what you love while being challenged. You create a lot of new friends in your classes. The workload is stressful, but as long as you balance work with enjoyment you will be ok. You only have one high school experience, so take advantage of everything that North Penn offers.
North Penn High School is one of the best high schools in the area, it offers a range of course with a great staff. the teachers are very helpful and flexible and aim to help their students succeed both in class and outside. They challenge you academically in order to prepare you for your success in the years of college ahead. The staff and faculty also promote safety and extracurricular activities as well as honors programs. It is one of the most diverse schools, almost everyone finds something that interests them. North Penn High School creates an overall warm and spirited atmosphere.
A very nice school district with a lot of clubs and activities, but suffers from overcrowding and needs updating on some facilities. The school district has many resources that are available but are not well known. The school district has a lot more courses available to students than other districts.
North Penn has really given me the experience that i needed to become a better me! It made me a more social person than I was before and I love all my classes that I took and am taking! Their is such a lot of wonderful teachers in the district and I am proud to be a part of it!
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North Penn was my home for my whole school career. There were times that I struggled with the administration and I got very little help with my academic issues up until eleventh grade. If the student is struggling they try to push them to go to Northbridge. Very large environment. It sometimes feels like you get lost in the numbers, but the teachers at the high school care about every individual student and will do anything they can to help them out. They definitely prepare the students for college, no matter what area of studies. They don’t push trade schools very much, though they do push for the tech school starting in eighth grade for the students to attend starting their freshman year. For the juniors and seniors they do push Montgomery Community College on the students. They have many courses other schools won’t offer. Art programs as well as the AP classes are phenomenal. Loved my experience here and will always be proud to be an alumni!
North Penn has provided with many opportunities as it is one of the biggest school districts in the state. Even with so many kids, I have never felt left out. Although I may not know everyone in my class, I have a great time meeting new people almost everyday. They havr their share of teachers as well, but I would say the good teachers outweigh the bad and if a student has trouble there are always other resources to use.
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