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With this being my last year at North Panola I can honestly say it was an University experience.Every thing about that school is top notch.Teachers are teaching and students are learning.I have received the best education.
I love how the teachers, parents, and community are all involved. The teachers try their best to teach you the best way they can. The facility also helps with college readiness.
What I like about North Panola High School is their athletic teams. All of our athletic teams have increased through out the years I've been here from a freshman to a senior now. The coaches train the players hard every practice day to push them to being successful at every game that they attend. One thing I would change at North Panola High School is the uniform policy. I feel like everyone has their own unique style that they should have to right to express.
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North Panola high school is an amazing high school of. We are cougars pride and we want to grow to be Enlightening,Equipping,and Empowering. North Panola has outstanding teachers and staff memebers that are willing to make sure every students achieve their education.
I am a upcoming senior at North Panola High School , overall the school is alright . The only dislike I have is that our staff changes almost every year and it feels most teachers are just there because they have to be not because they want us to learn ! The only thing that kept me moving was our Career and Technical center the staff there is amazing .
I liked how north Panola kind of felt like a community instead of a school. It felt like this because certain people at the school cared about each other and not just themselves. If you saw one person down and not feeling to good the caring people would try to lift them up. Sometimes it was the principal, students, teachers, cafeteria people anybody with a good Heart would help a sad person at NP. I think NP just needs to come up on it's funds and redecorate the school ,and then it would feel like a 4 star or 5 star school.
I liked the atmosphere there. Students were always faced with circumstances, but we always overcame them. We had limited resources, but we made use with the resources we had. We had, and still do have excellent students that come from North Panola School District. Nobody can tell North Panola School District students that we can't achieve anything, because in the end, they always succeed.
Being at north panola high school
Is a great experience.We as a rural school discuss our future after leaving and taking the next step in life
North panola help you prepare for college and the teachers push you to do your best.All the teachers make sure you get a good understanding of the work.The whole North Panola School district make sure we become an "A" school.North Panola also want all students to be successful in life.
My experience with the North Panola School District has been very complicated. The work and pressure the teachers put upon me is stressful, but it has impacted my work in a positive way. It has made me strive to be the best that I can and challenge myself.
What I would change about NP is the choice of food. I say this because it is not what kids should be fed. Also I would have a class just for preparing for the ACT because we all have to take it in order too get into colleges especially if we want scholarships so our scores should be high.
North Panola High School is a great school. The staff does everything they can to ensure that students are able to pass all of their state tests. However, I would like to see more college level work and treatment. For example, I would like to be challenged more often and not be so dependent upon the teacher.
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