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We have had some issues with our School Board firing a very good Principal and Athletic Director over a drama reason this past year. Now we do have fantastic replacements especially with the principal who is strict when he needs to be but all around nice to the students and gets involved with them at sporting events. I am excited about the safety changes that were made to the school over the summer (extra doors that only teacher IDs can lock in the hallways to the students while class is in session) which make me now feel 100% safe during the school day.
some of the teachers were great, but other just did not really care. The food was not very good, and they school could have been maintain much better. Our internet was usually pretty good, but the iPads were always glitching or needing to be fixed.
Graduated class of 2019, overall was a great experience in a "small town usa" type of community. Most of the teachers really care. Our baseball team and swimming and diving teams did extremely well this year.
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I like the teachers and the people but the learning opportunities could definetly be more diverse. More classes that could be offered would be ideal.
I enjoyed the relationships students were able to build with teachers. There were countless times where I was able to go into the school before or after the school day to receive help from teachers. They are so supportive, and do anything they can in order to make sure the students understand a concept.
This school lacks SO much!!!! They just push the kids through and they learn nothing. The sports are a joke. The buildings are an embarrassment.
At North Newton, everyone knows everyone so we treat each other like family. It is very easy to contact and connect with teachers outside of the classroom.
My overall experience with North Newton is something I will never forget. I would like to see the standard of teaching and quality of teachers improve. I found that it seemed that they would hire anyone who applied for the position.
I graduated from North Newton and personally I had an alright experience. Of course I had my favorite teachers, but the staff there are very unfriendly. I came from a 5a school with a lot of diversity and differences and at North Newton everyone was the same. Students, Staff, and parents were all very negative towards one another.
Most of the teachers are great. Some teachers need work and are hard to learn from. In my time here the school has gone through four principles. Three have been fully involved. This most recent one does not seem to care about the students. Other than that the food is the only thing the needs improvement. It is tasteless and seems to be made of nonedible food.
At North Newton there are opportunities to take college level classes with the comfort of everyday teachers. They also offer online classes which help open more classes and are helpful if you have trouble learning with a teacher.
I like all the staff members on the administration. What i like to see more is school spirit, more scholarship opportunities, more clubs/activities and better food in the cafeteria.
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