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North Muskegon Public Schools offers a uniquely valuable academic and social experiences for all students. As a class of 2017 graduate, I experienced how well the faculty were able to connect with the student body. Motivating students is to achieve their goals is a priority for NMPS staff.
I have overall enjoyed my time as a student here. The small school environment certainly has a lot of advantages.
North Muskegon is a highly ranked school in their education department. A thing I would like to see improve is the the music program expand.
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I have gone to North Muskegon since kindergarten and am now a senior this year. I've always had the option to go to a different school if I wanted, but North Muskegon has always been a good choice for me. Our school is small with about 80 people per grade. Everyone knows you and I've always been able to name almost every person in my grade, the grade above me, and the grade below me. Our school is known for this, our classes our close and we are all friendly with each other.
I love how close the members of North Muskegon are with each other. The teachers are always willing to help not only their own students, but anyone in need of assistance. Also bullying is very rare in the school system because of how kind hearted everyone is.
North MuskegonnPublic Schools was a great place to earn my education from DK-12th grade. Everyone is close and knows each other well in each grade. Most of the teachers are great and genuinely want you to succeed.
I like how North Muskegon is fairly small. Every student is able to get lots of individual time with teachers, if needed, and the staff is very kind and helpful. However, if there's one thing I'd like to be able to change, it's the cliques. There's not much we can do about them, but it can be hard to feel good about yourself if you're outside the more popular groups. But overall, I love my school, and I wouldn't leave, even if I had the chance.
Small class sizes, but It does not offer many AP classes and relies upon online classes to fill in the gaps. There are some very gifted teachers, although.
I have had the best experiences here. The staff is beyond incredible they all go above and beyond to support the students and make sure they have the best learning experiences that we can and they also make sure we just have a good high school experience in general.
The teachers at this school are incredible. They work hard to make sure you know what potential you have as a person. The school is small and with it, there is little bullying tolerated and is always taken care of immediately. I've always been a school of choice student there but I always have felt welcome and like I belong. I feel ready to take on college first hand and I am greatful for what they have taught me.
Best school I have ever been to. Everyone is really loving and supportive! The staff is amazing and very invested in the students. The school spirit itself is incredible. I love all of my teachers they are all amazing. When I'm at school i feeling I am part of a community.
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