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North Montgomery Community School Corporation Reviews

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we had our downs, but i think all of the ups over power those downs. not only did i get relationship in high school with friends and teachers, but those relationships will care outside of school. the structure at North Montgomery is a loving family and somewhere you want to be.
It has a good education system, however somethings should be changed. The teachers and staff seem to care for the students.
As I am attending North Montgomery all the faculty and staff are always delightful and caring towards me and how I am doing.
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Overall, North is a pretty good school corporation. However, there are a few flaws in the education opportunities. The main issue with the educational side of the corporation is the lack of class options. For not being a large populated school, they offer an average amount of Honors and AP classes, but as an Honors student I wish there would have been more to choose from. I have friends across the state that have taken ten to twenty AP classes, which prepares them greatly for college. These students may also appeal more to colleges and scholarship boards for their academic achievements and will probably receive a higher priority for admissions. In the future I would like to see North Montgomery stray away from unnecessary classes and focus more on preparing students for college and challenging them with prestigious academic classes.
North Montgomery high school is a great school for students to strive and grow academically and personally. The teachers are great and are always willing to help. There are plenty of resources around for students to attend if they are struggling or need help. The teachers truly care about their students and are more than willing to help with problems in or out of school. Spending four years here was a great experience and one that I will never forget.
North Montgomery is a great school the teachers work well with the students to get things done. The school community has gone through tragic losses, but has stayed united and banned together to make the school a better place for everyone.
The teachers are nice and great. Class room work can be easy and hard. The students can be nice and you meet a lot of people.
After attending both North Montgomery High School and Northridge Middle School, I could say that as far as teachers, safety, counseling, and academics, it was a very simple, smooth, and phenomenal experience. The corportation tries their hardest for not just the students, but the facility as well.
North Montgomery makes false promises of protecting their students and claiming that they have a zero tolerance policy for bullying. If problems were to arise then they should be taken care of properly without allowing large issues to slip away with no consequences.
All of the staff is wonderful and cares a lot about each individual student. The teachers work to make sure each student's needs are met in and outside the classroom. Being involved in this school is like being part of a really big family.
I love many things about the corporation. I have been in this school district since I was in grade school. I have learned many things. North is the reason to why I want to help people and become a nurse and a surgeon. College was a scary thought for me but North taught me to not be afraid and to face my fears. The school community is helpful and very caring towards the students. Anything good or bad happening the school is right in it.
North Montgomery is a very good school. All teachers know you personally due to the small size. However, they often bring in teaching assistants to teach the class and that often makes it difficult for some students to learn.
North Montgomery Community School Corporation is an average, and small town school with various activities avaliable to its students. It provides fundemental school tools such as scholarship sections, avaliable counsellors, and supportive teachers; but it does not go any further to aid students in their homelives or after highschool plans.
My favorite part about the North Montgomery School Corporation was how all the teaches made every student feel like they could accomplish anything. They cared about what we learned and how we learned. I also loved all of the athletics and athletic facilities. I would love to see North do more with pep rallies for future students to create more spirit.
What I like about North Montgomery is that the teachers are always helpful and knowledgeable about their subjects. However, a dislike would have to be how much bullying is shrugged off. North Montgomery seems to have put it on the back burner.
I feel that my time at North Montgomery has been well spent. It helped me find my future career and discover my True North. All of my experiences with all my teachers have been perfect. They are reliable, positive, and really great people. I believe if it wasn't for North I wouldn't be the person I am today.
I have been in the North Montgomery School District for all of my schooling and have enjoyed it. I feel I've gained an excellent education through the teachers and the many resources offered. There is always something to be involved in for everyone. In general it is a positive learning environment.
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Overall, my high school experience has been really good. Teachers and faculty are great, sports programs are solid, and I have learned and grown a lot due to the opportunities and relationships afforded to me in these four years.
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