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North Monterey County Unified School District Reviews

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Overall, I loved my experiences at North Monterey County Unified School District. I believe I received the help and guidance I needed to get into college, but I have to admit that I also struggled in the beginning. It requires a large amount of self-advocacy to connect with coordinators because of their large caseloads. Through my determination, I was able to connect with many of my teachers and administrators, though that didn't make me ignore the reality that many of my peers were not receiving the same level of opportunities. I believe that the overall experience would have been enhanced if we added more coordinators, or were simply able to meet with them more often. More time to meet would enable coordinators to get to know their students more and discuss their desired pathway. Overall school culture if very united and welcoming. Teachers are loving and truly care about their students. More resources are slowly coming in, but access requires persistence in searching!
school district cuts money flow to schools for their own benefit. not only that, they do things based on what they think is best, they never ask what the students want.
NMCHS was a nice high school to go to, I met three of my best friends there and i'm still friends with them so i'm glad I got to go to that high school. The teachers I had were great but I know some people that didn't get the best teachers, but those teacher are now gone. So overall great high school to go to.
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My experience here at North Monterey County High School has been great so far. I am a senior graduating this June. I am connected to this school because I feel it really close to my house.
It's great that the District Board has local people there but at the same time it's also kind of biased. They have tended to make their decisions based on what facts and people they decide to listen to.
Unfortunately over the past years North County High School has taken a turn for the worst. Since my freshmen year there has been a drastic decline in the teaching staff. Most new teachers that are hired at NCHS either leave or get fired by the end of the new year. As for academics, I do not know if it is the curriculum that teachers are not prepared to or a lack of passion or dedication in the teaching staff. It is sad to t see so much potential in students that can achieve so much more, if given the chance to learn from people that actually want to teach. Being in Honors and AP classes give us (students) false hope, because even those courses are not preparing us for college. NMCHS graduates are getting placed in basic math in UC's and CSU's who where AP Calculus students at NMCHS prior to enrolling into college. We have awesome clubs and sportsmanship, I wish that NMCHS would improve on what matters. That thing that matters is student readiness.
I have had an amazing experience at North County. There is definitely a positive environment throughout the school and you definitely feel a sense of school pride wherever you go. The staff are very supportive and friendly, and the students are welcoming and easy to talk to.
I love being able to attend North Monterey County. There are many good aspects around our campus differing from friendly staff, to students, and new facilities. It's all around a really great school that I personally am happy to attend.
The district makes the student governments job very difficult and they don't spend their funds the most efficiently. they pay the teachers too little and don't spend much money on the beautification of their schools. It seems like they allow anyone with a degree to teach nowadays and all the good teachers keep leaving because of low pay.
I love the opportunities available to the students. Thanks to nmchs i've been able to take up to 10 Ap classes throughout my high school experience. And if the courses i took weren't Ap, they were honors. I appreciate all the teachers who guided me towards academic achievement. Now, the classes aren't the only gracious quality of this school; I fell in love with the diversity of it. There's no social hierarchy, nor superiority in this public space. We're all equal and treat each other with respect. All in all, here at nmchs, we frown upon the idea of bullying. It's wrong and unkind. Even though our school is overlooked because its not the best looking or because we didn't have the money to have what the rest of the schools did, i will forever be a condor and will always be proud of it. I owe the best four years of my life to this place.
My experience in this district has been okay but I would like to see more financial help to support other programs.
During my time at North County I came across many amazing and helpful teachers that were extremely important in getting me to succeed as well as I did in college. Also, with such an open and accepting school environment, I found myself very comfortable in being able to be myself while attending there. The school culture in itself is really great. Us students got a long very well, and worked our hardest to create a happy and supportive school environment for everyone.
I liked how it felt like the students understood each other and there was hardly any bullying. I did not like the fact that the school was disorganized and that some of the teachers did not seem to care. It is good school to find companians but all in all the learning experience was not great
North Monterey County is filled with caring teachers and alumni. However, the academic programs and certain departments certainly hinder students true potential because of the lowered standards.
I've been in the North Monterey County School District for all of my public school education. The district has always focused on pushing students to be the best in the state and bringing parents together to help them. The staff at majority of my schools have always lent a hand when needed to make classrooms shine. I would personally like to see less cuts in the arts and music programs for the creative benefit of the future kids.
My experience at North Monterey County Unified School District has been a pleasant one, although there are a few changes I would like to see take place. I have been a part of NMCUSD since kindergarten and am soon to be a Senior. Drastic changes have been occurring at the high school which I believe are best for student involvement, such as our new gym and football stadium. However, the School Board has a tendency to keep information very secretive from both parents and student, as well as teachers.
North county is a wonderful school district! It's diverse in its student body, the staff is helpful and accommodating in every way. From registration through graduation, they are top notch. Elkhorn school is awesome. My daughter flourished there. The teachers are the best in the business.
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For the most part the school is pretty quiet and calm but the school is boring and events are not that fun
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