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North Middlesex Public Schools Reviews

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Small enough where everyone knows each other but large enough to offer a wide variety of courses and activities
Overall had a good experience. Very good sports program. New building and turf field is really nice.
The teachers here are very dedicated and want the best for their students. They try everyday to try and make sure that your learning experience is specified for you.
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It’s pretty cool. I think that there’s a lot to work toward tho. School is what you make of it, and although I’m rating it, it’s a fine school for anyone. Ain’t much diversity as far as race goes tho
At NMS, the teachers are like family to me. Currently in 9th grade, and miss my 8th grade teachers so much. At the 8th grade graduation, my heart bled as i love the teachers so much. And at North Middlesex, we have a prodigious band, exceptional special education (the special ed teachers and programs and clubs are phenomonal). Also, the other kids are very nice. NM is preeminant in so many ways. This place has even helped me find a hypothetical cure for cancer in 6th grade. The school resource officer is an amazing person. I love this school district, its like a 2nd home to me. Hope you all have a great day.
I like that the focus is on making a better community, and the pride students have. North Middlesex is a community based high school where teachers and students can develop relationships and learn great communication skills. Each student has the ability to thrive and their are numerous different clubs for each different interest.
With a small class size and personable teachers and staff, the school is perfect for those looking to be heard. While the sports program is not the best, the teachers never fail to provide an interesting and fun learning experience.
North Middlesex is a great high school that truly prepares their students for college. After spending two years of high school in the old school and two in the new high school I can earnestly say they have acquired amazing new resources. The environment is completely safe and students can go to school feeling assured that their security is in great hands. If I could change one thing however, I would like to see the administration listen to the student body more. Before taking away valuable classes, they should thoroughly see how much it impacts the students affected by their choice.
The Music Department at North Middlesex is incredible. It is filled with staff who love their job and creating art through their students. All the ensembles are award winning and are well known throughout Massachusetts .
Great High School and in a great area. The teachers are very helpful and provide students with the tools needed to continue their lives in a positive way.
North Middlesex Public Schools have a background of excellent standardized testing scores and administration has great enthusiasm about their ability. In my opinion some teachers can be biased towards students they like the most, but overall, teachers do a decent job teaching complex subjects. The schools are located in a safe district, but it is not very diverse.
Great school. 9 out of 10 teachers helpful, responsive, and willing to assist before or after school. Great sports programs and excellent drama and music program. there's something for everyone!
The building was falling apart, but the new building should be good. Amazing teachers who did as much as they could with the little resources they were given.
System doesn't care about students at all and doesn't help with bullying problems or any problems with other children. The teachers don't care about there students but only a handful of them do. They screw up alot with the graduation process and are extremely unorganized
Mrs. Lough, the guidance counselor is always ready to help assist, and get the job done! I would like to see changes in the administration. If you are one minute late they mark you tardy even though you have to walk all the way from the back of the school with parent drop off in the way of trying to park. Also they reward bullying and punish the people who help the victim. ( people have gotten suspended for standing up to bullies).
cheaper sports programs for families and things for the kids to do when not at school. after school programs and community events.
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