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North Miami Community Schools Reviews

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The best part about North Miami is the teachers. They are all very friendly with their students. Because it is such a small school, we don’t have has many AP classes that prepare us for college, and that is something I wish would change.
I like how small the community is and how you can really get to know people. However, the people are very cliquey and not very inclusive unless you’re cool and popular.
The school is low on staff including well-qualified staff. Teachers are constantly quitting. The school does not keep an eye on their staff like they should. It is a small school with an even smaller selection of classes to take. There is almost no diversity and good academic achievement does not matter as much as sports at this school.
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Education could be better, fun country environment though. Will be typing to complete the 100 characters here.
It's okay. There aren't many programs offered and the school is going downhill. There isn't funding for the school and you can tell.
I like how small North Miami is, it makes for close nit relationships with the other students and the faculty. I have really enjoyed my experience at North Miami. I'm very grateful to all of my teachers for ​helping me reach my goals.
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