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As a student at North Marion, I have realized that our teachers our the best. They truly care about the students and there is no school district like North Marion. You would have to be part of the North Marion school district to understand. We are a small but strong community.
North Marion school district has its pros and cons. It’s a small school which means that everyone pretty much knows everyone. My class size is only about 155 people. Having a small class can be nice at times but it also can mean that rumors get spread throughout the school very quickly. The north Marion staff is great overall. All the teachers seem to care about students well being. I have created a great bond with most of my teachers. A downside to north Marion is that our school has stayed the same forever. My parents graduated from there and say that it looks the same and not much has changed. We had to take two days off because our water wasn’t working. It is still brown after being fixed which isn’t good at all. The drinking water there is not working. We have passed a bond though which will be good for future north Marion students and current underclassmen. I am very excited for them and hope they make the most of it!
My time at north Marion was great. I would reccomend it to anyone who is switching schools because it’s such a humble school.
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North Marion is a incredibly friendly school. Through diversity and personal challenges, everyone still gets along and we grow closer with our class mates. We have amazing teachers who are constantly willing to help anywhere they can. I've enjoyed my time at North Marion, but its been a great experience at this school.
North Marion offers a closely knit community with the opportunity to truly grow in academics. The school offers classes to take through the local community college and allows students to really get a grasp of the future and their college dreams.
I had a great experience at North Marion! I love the office assistants; however, the principle was not my favorite. The music department was amazing. I loved how all the students can relate to their teachers. Majority of the faculty are North Marion Alumni which was a great experience because they went through the same classes I did and had the same teachers. I find that the North Marion community is very unique. I absolutely loved North Marion and want to send my kids there in the future.
Everyone is very kind they will treat youth respect that you need. Our educators will help with all of the topics that you may be struggling, but something that needs to change would be adding more scholarships as for there is hardly any. Other than that my school is a very welcoming place to everyone.
Small school that is a tight community. Good sports school but the education is lacking. School is old and needs some work.
North Marion has felt like a second home to me, it's a community full of warm living teachers and kind students!
I have gone to this school since Kindergarten and its a very close-knit community with good opportunities in sports, business, woods & welding, and agriculture. However, the diversity in music, art, and theatre and the amenities these groups have is not the greatest. Offers many clubs like NAHS, drama, FBLA, NHS, etc, but there's only 1 culture club. Offers honors and college credit but not IB or AP courses
Small school district, very friendly staff, safe environment, small town with no distraction near it.
The thing I appreciate most about North Marion is how small and involved our community is. We all know each other and are supportive during times of need. However, there are some slight flaws in our staffing, and the education is not as high as some bigger schools may be.
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