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North Little Rock School District Reviews

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I like that this district is big on sports , we come together as a school to make things work and to have fun. We do lots of things to bring people together and out of their comfort zone .
I like the North Little Rock School District because there are lots of opportunities and in particular, the high school has a really nice building and great resources. They could improve on their communication with the students, between co-workers, and from campus to campus.
North Little Rock school district is amazing! I’m so happy that my parents sent me to North Little Rock and I would definitely send my kids to NLR. I am a senior at the high school and involved in cheer, national honors society, beta club, Mu Alpha theta, and student council. North Little Rock has an activity for everyone and strives to never leave anyone out. My experience has been great through my years of school. By staying involved and being academically challenged I am able to give this district 5 stars!
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All three of my children attended NLRSD and it is a great school district. Kindergarten on up to high school .Two of them were in pre, and Ap classes. I would always stay in touch with their teachers and the teachers love for parents to be involved, it helps the student, teacher and parent. The parent meetings are really good to attend. Counselors are great!! Principals are great!! The new schools are even more great!! I love North Little Rock School District!
The nice people that teach me what I need to know. They help me when I'm stuck on something. They take their time an actually teach the work. They make me wanna continue school in a higher education and learn more.
Although things can be fixed, North Little Rock School District is probably one of the best districts to attend in central Arkansas. I personally have never had problems with this district and I enjoyed all fourteen years of my schooling here.
My experience at North Little Rock School has been amazing over the years. The teachers have always showed dedication to educating the students.
My experience at North Little Rock overall has been very good. I’ve had a lot of great teachers and interesting classes. One thing I would change is the math teachers, I did not have good math teachers, starting from 6th grade and ending to 11th grade, my math teachers were not great at teaching. I would usually blame it on me not learning as fast as everyone else but most people complain about it as well.
It's very dependent on the teachers that you great throughout the years. Some teachers are passionate about what they teach and can inspire their students to move forward and in some cases even exceed expectations. However, occasionally there are teachers who have given up on inspiration and just move through the motions.
I'm grateful for the courses that my children are able to take. The have an advantage to either get a job start from high school or be able to have her associate degree when finishing high school. What I wish was better are some of their activities, and of course the food!
Its a very nice school. Its very strict for a reason, to keep the school safe. The school really helps get kids ready for college. There are many clubs that kids can join. The school life is nice, and its very easy to make friends.
My experience with NlRHS was great! I learned a lot from the staff and students. A wonderful environment, and a brand new school at that. The staff are very determined to make sure you succeed in everything you do. They make sure students are in class on time and make it possible for them to have time in between classes to handle their business.
North Little is a very large place and hard to adapt to at first. There are many wonderful things about NLR including our sports teams, our amazing principal, and our facilities that are updated and refreshing. There are also some not so good things. Our teachers are either very amazing or they do not care whether we pass or not. The school should put more time into preparing us for college rather than our sports teams. Overall, I would recommend NLRSD as the best public school district around.
Overall NLR High School was a good school. Most of the teachers really cared about their students and really wanted them to succeed. That is a big thing because you do not see that a lot in today's society. Teachers at NLR did everything they could to make sure their students graduated. They really stood behind that saying of no student left behind.
What I loved about North Little Rock High School was that students have the choice to graduate with so many different experiences such as career, club, and activity oriented certificates/certifications. North Little Rock High teaches you how to be active in your community, and also how to get many volunteer hours needed to show how great of a broad learner you are. I would not have enjoyed being a student at anywhere else but North Little Rock High School, teachers and counselors are willing to go out of there way to make sure that you have all the tools you need to graduate with success or even to be successful in your later life. North Little Rock High School should offer more certification classes for those who would like to get a start on their success early in life.
I have enjoyed my two years at North Little Rock High School so far. The teachers and academics have been exceptional and I feel as though I am already prepared for college. Our football and basketball programs are both state champions, while the coaches for baseball and softball are lackluster at best. One of the baseball coaches has never even played high school baseball. Safety wise, our school is very poor as people have been caught with weapons multiple times due to a lack of metal detectors.
Sanitation is a one-star at best. Water fountains are never santitized and have led to many outbreaks throughout this year such as flu, mono, strep, and others. At one point in the year, more than 25% of our school district was missing due to these spreading illnesses. Bathrooms often lack cleanliness and it is common to see urine on the floor and to lack proper tolietries.
Overall, I have enjoyed my years at NLRHS, but many basic issues are in need of addressing.
My experience with North Little Rock High school has been great! It is a great place for academics as well as sports. This year we won three state titles! Other than that, the faculty as well as the facility is as good as it gets!
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Let me tell you about Championship High aka Title Town aka Ring City. This is hands-down one the best schools schools I have ever been to. They are welcoming and considerate and it is easy to get in contact with a principal if that is needed. They do try to listen to student concerns and act accordingly. They have a lot of clubs and organizations that you could be apart of so, no one will feel left out if they look. It's also easy to start a club if that's what you want. Our North Little Rock High School football team, Girl's and Boy's basketball teams, AND our chess team have become State champions in our division. The school is very proud of their achievements and encourages the students to do great things.
Very disappointed in the school district and how the schools are run far as academic and the teachers seem to only care about getting a check rather than teaching I would not recommend this school to any parent.
I enjoyed the IB teachers however many of the counselors were not aware of all the classes in the school. Nor did they seem to take a real interest in some of the students.
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